Leftist “Art”: Vaginally Knit Scarves And Lynching Whites

The western world used to be a bastion of great art created by brilliant minds. The European people were unrivaled in sculpture, painting, and architecture, just as they were unrivaled in other aspects of culture.

While Africans could only create homes out of mud and sticks, Michelangelo was painting heavenly ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, whose architecture also spawned from the mind of Europeans.

The colleges in the Soviet Union used to ban elegant, realistic paintings and instead favored the talentless abstract art so prevalent in America today. This was to help keep the people’s thoughts from wandering too closely to the virtuous ideals portrayed in such paintings, to keep their minds mushy and malleable to the state’s will.

So art degenerated into mindless scribblings resembling unicorn vomit, and the left took to it like flies on dog crap.

The art world is swarming with leftists now, so, just as the left degrades whatever they can get their mitts into, they have done likewise to art. What the garbage they create and call “art” is crass, vile, and depraved (this somehow doesn’t keep them from being unbearably pretentious about it all).

You’ve heard of “Piss Christ.” A man whose name I won’t dignify with mention relieved himself into a glass, dropped a crucifix into the concentrated yellow liquid, and took a photo. “Art!” he exclaimed. Taxpayer-funded museums showcased the piece.

The left also enjoys what they call “performance art.”

A woman whose hair appears to have been cut by a blind gardener wielding a dull-bladed hedge trimmer, and whose feminist ideology is thus immediately betrayed, is the “artist” behind “The Human Spider.”

If you’re eating while reading this, stop. Finish that bite, put the food away, and get a load of this. The “artist” known as Casey Jenkins crams a skein of yarn up her vagina and knits a scarf from it as it feeds therefrom. She does this for 28 days straight, tying on and lodging up a new skein each day, as she sits on the edge of desk and video tapes the whole thing (I’m warning you about that link).

Now, women have monthly periods of menstruation, so wouldn’t this affect Jenkins’ knitting? Yeah, it definitely does. On those days when she’s experiencing bleeding, the otherwise white yarn comes out with a muddled dark-pink hue. To the degenerate mind of a leftist, this is art.

Another performance piece was created by black college student Christina Edwards. In this piece, she is not the actor but the director. The performers are two white men who allowed themselves to be “lynched” in public to remind people of how awful white people were a long time ago when blacks were lynched. (How many blacks were lynched in this country? Only 3,446, or what Oprah Winfrey calls “millions.” An additional 1,297 lynchings were perpetrated against whites, just by the way.)

These two shameful white men allowed themselves to be hanged from nooses outside at a college campus. White denigration and degradation is all part of the liberal repertoire.

As Edwards said, “The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole.”

Inequalities such as a black person getting away with something no white will ever be allowed to?

Art is a wonderful thing. But communists infiltrated the field, as they have so many others, to erode civil society, because it is from a society’s culture that its politics flow. The fruit of a debauched culture, free from the moral restraints civilization needs to thrive, yields a liberal government. The left knows this, and so should we if we hope to battle liberalism.