Left vs. Right: A Dialog on TX’s New LGBT Concentration Camps

Leftist: Did you hear what happened in Texas?

Rightist: No, what happened?

L: They’ve basically set up a giant concentration camp for LGBTQQIIAA+ people.

R: That’s a lot of letters.

L: Yeah, well I don’t want to discriminate against anybody.

R: So a concentration camp, eh?

L: Yeah, the tea baggers running the Texas GOP added what they call “reparative therapy” to their platform, and that’s basically a nice-sounding word for a concentration camp for gays. I mean LGBTQQIIAA+ people.

R: Hold on, hold on. What?

L: I know, right?

R: No, not right. Reparative therapy is just counseling for homosexuals who want to leave that lifestyle.

L: I…wow. Okay, one? You’re a bigot. Two, counseling implies that they need fixing, and that’s homophobic and bigoted, and you are a homophobe and a bigot.

R: Yeah, it is true that I don’t really like gay people that much, but…


R: Yes, literally, but back to the subject of reparative thera–

L: Um, no? Hello? You can’t just say you don’t like people! You can’t not like LGBTQQIIAA+ people or else you’re a homophobe! Don’t you get that?

R: Yeah, I know. I am a homophobe. I get it.

L: I…I….

R: Stunned, I know. Reparative therapy, though, or counseling, is optional, you know, right? It’s for people who want to be changed, not who need to be changed.

L: So you’re admitting you’re a homophobe.

R: Jeez, yes, get over it, my word. Anyway, you said reparative therapy was tantamount to a concentration camp, though.

L: It is, don’t you get it?

R: Enlighten me.

L: I…because! It’s…homophobia! It’s…it’s saying that these people need to be changed!

R: And I suppose you think that’s what concentration camps were?

L: Intolerance and discrimination and all that stuff.

R: Well said. Look, all this is is that if these people want to change, they have that choice. Freedom of choice. You support that, don’t you?

L: No! Not if that choice is bad for them. Are you kidding me? I care about LGBTQQIIAA+ people, which is why I’ll only support the choices they make that are good for them. That’s what parents do, don’t you know?

R: You’re their parent now?

L: I’m saying I look out for them.

R: I’m sure they’ll appreciate you looking out for them when they’re trying to escape their fantasies of being sodomized by burly, leather-clad men, and you won’t let them.

L: That’s a stereotype and you’re a homophobe. I’m done with this conversation. You support concentration camps, so you’re a literal Nazi.

R: Alrighty.