Left Coast Dem: Global Warming Skeptics Are “Blathering Idiots”

Despite lack of evidence for global warming and its alleged environmental causes, we’re still supposed to believe in it. It’s the politically correct thing to do. If we don’t believe in it, then we’re “blathering idiots.” Here’s Democrat Representative Peter DeFazio from Oregon:

The Arctic vortex blast coincided with the return of Congress to Washington D.C., wind chills well below zero. Now, no surprise:  A number of my Republican colleagues who are died-in-the-wool climate change deniers and some of the blathering idiots on talk shows said, “Whoa, look at this! Artic vortex proves that there’s no climate change. There’s no global warming. It’s all a hoax.”

Well, you know, I’d like to begin this year with a little optimism and hope Congress will take on big challenges, some of the biggest challenges of our time, including climate change. But the bizarre theories of the climate change deniers and the excuses they’ll use will probably preclude that.

Now, given the overwhelming scientific consensus that climate change will spur more extreme weather events – yes, including record cold and Arctic vortexes with shifts in the jet stream – and draughts and a whole host of other things – we had about the driest year on record in the Western U.S. this year in Oregon and California. You know, this is a serious challenge. But unfortunately, as I said earlier, this Congress, because of denial, is pretty much incapable of dealing with this challenge. […]

We’re the “blathering idiots” when, even according to the recent IPCC report, the Earth hasn’t experienced “warming” for over 15 years? Some of the more honest scientists acknowledge this global warming hiatus and can’t explain. What’s puzzling to them is that this hiatus coincides with record carbon emissions, something that’s supposed to make the Earth heat up. Or so they thought. That finding erases any correlation between the use of so-called fossil fuels and rising global temperatures. Just who are the “blathering idiots” again?