The Left Argues For “Post-Birth” Abortion, & I’m Not Surprised

“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.” – Arthur Conan Doyle

We are compelled as people to believe the best in others. We always give people the benefit of the doubt, thinking that no matter how wrong-headed their ideas, a good soul must lie underneath. We believe that it is the branches that become twisted, not the roots. It is because of this foolishness that we become desensitized to evil. We are so accustomed to assuming good intentions, that when evil—which has been in front of us the whole time—appears, we are shocked.

This apparent inability to recognize evil has hindered us in many ways. As conservatives, we have become completely blinded to the severity, and the disgusting nature of abortion. We debate it as if it is just another thing we feel passionate about. But the truth is that it is evil. What is being done to these children is evil. And when we glom abortion in with all the other issues, we lose our understanding of that. For example, recently, two “scholars” published an essay about the possible merits of “post-birth abortion.” Yes, merits. These men wrote that, in some cases, post-birth abortion could be seen as justifiable. They also attempt to justify the use of the term “post-birth,” rather than “infanticide.”

This essay flabbergasted some in the media, including Fox’s Brit Hume. Hume Tweeted his disgust:

“There are now people seriously arguing for abortion AFTER BIRTH.”

What I find interesting about this reaction is the surprise. Brit Hume actually seems truly surprised about this argument. But what he fails to understand is that post-birth abortion—or “murder,” as it’s called elsewhere—is simply a natural extension of the pro-abortion argument. I’ve said it a million and a half times, but I’ll say it again. The left has zero respect for life. They argue for the slaughter of infants inside the womb, up to and including partial-birth. So, my understanding has always been that if someone is willing to argue for a partial-birth abortion (Barack Obama, Barbara Boxer, etc), why wouldn’t they argue for post-birth? It’s the same thing. The only difference is geography.

Brit Hume underestimates the darkness into which he stares on a daily basis. To a staggering degree, conservatives in general severely underestimate the point to which liberal arguments naturally extend. At this time, they may not extend past a certain point, but the nature of their arguments is much longer and darker than we can imagine. Simply follow the logical string, and you will never again be surprised at anything a liberal advocates.

Abortion is infanticide. Infanticide is evil. Abortion is evil. The left supports this sick, wretched act in full, and we should never be surprised at the lengths to which they will go to justify themselves. The only benefit to being able to see into the darkness is that it gives us the advantage of foresight.

I myself have looked into the dark, and I saw Satan himself. Abortion, the largest evil of our time, must be stopped.