Learning A Lesson From The Democrats…No, Really

In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” – Thomas Jefferson

Standing on principle can be difficult, mostly because in situations in which one must stand on principle, one is a minority among a crowd of enemies. If everyone shares the same beliefs, there is never a reason to act defiantly according to your own systems, because no one stands against you.

Being part of a majority is easy. When one falls into the category of minority, however, the seeds of fear begin to grow. You start to believe that maybe you are on the wrong side of the argument, even when you know intellectually that you are not. You begin to think that your belief may never be validated again, that it’s the end of the line for people who share your worldview.

With the recent elections in the UK, the Liberal Democrat Party lost almost every single one of their seats. The leader of the unabashedly pro-EU Party, Tim Farron, said: “We took the unpopular side of the argument…but you know what, I would do it again.”

Though I don’t identify with the UK’s Liberal Democrat Party, nor do I identify with our own Democrats, their adherence to what they believe is somehow inspiring. Though their views are warped, and destructive, they believe what they believe, and they stick to it like glue. Over on our side of the aisle, Republicans jump ship any time it seems as though they are losing ground. They have no constitution for defiance. In other words, they are cowards. If the wind shifts just slightly, they join forces with the Democrats to save their own hide—although it generally backfires severely. Remember John McCain, the Maverick? He was believed by the Democrats for always “reaching across the aisle.” That is, until he ran for president, then he was just an old coot, who was a danger to our country.

The Republican Party is once again swaying like wheat in a slight breeze. They are becoming the Party of amnesty at an alarming rate. They have it in their sad little minds that if they support amnesty, they will somehow start winning the Hispanic vote. More and more, I am seeing disillusionment from conservatives because their Party is behaving badly, but being in the minority doesn’t mean we’re wrong. Even if 98% of Americans support amnesty, it doesn’t mean that we are wrong. The majority may dominate, but right is right, no matter how few people see it.

We need to take a lesson from Tim Farron and stick to our guns. The pendulum swings, and our view will return to favor if we don’t allow ourselves to become bogged down. It’s in times like this that we must stand on principle. We need to be defiant. If we don’t defy what we know is wrong, what’s the point of being right?