KTVU’s Epic Asiana News Fail

Wonder no longer why journalists and news anchors get no respect.  You all have probably heard of Asiana flight 214. It came in too low and too fast at San Francisco airport and crashed, injuring many of its passengers.

Somehow, a news anchor for KTVU news in Oakland thought that the real names of the four pilots on that South Korean flight were Sum Ting Wong, Ho Lee Fuk, Bang Ding Ow, and Wi Tu Lo.

Yeah. I wouldn’t believe me either. Just watch.

Perhaps most news anchors are like Ron Burgundy, but I just don’t understand how this got past the first person who read it. It’s almost so awesomely incompetent, you can’t even accuse anyone of racial stereotyping or malicious intent.

Well, almost. Asiana is suing the station anyway for defaming its good name. It’s hard to say who’s actually to blame. The news anchor who read the names is clearly an idiot. But, you’ll hear her say that the names were confirmed by the NTSB (The National Transportation Security Board). Apparently, an intern over there did in fact confirm that these were the names of the pilots. And that intern has been reprimanded for overstepping his authority.

Asiana had originally included the NTSB in their lawsuit, but has since limited it to KTVU, since KTVU was apparently the source of the four demeaning names. They must have a lot of middle school pranksters working over there.

And for their part, KTVU has apologized profusely: “Nothing is more important to us than having the highest level of accuracy and integrity, and we are reviewing our procedures to ensure this type of error does not happen again.”

Those poor people. What kind of procedures could they possibly have? If something that beef-headed can get all the way to live television on your station, perhaps you shouldn’t be reviewing your procedures. Perhaps you should just go ahead and give up.