Knockout Attacker Charged With Hate Crime! (But Only Because He’s White)

Hopefully you’re conscious of the state of the ongoing race war in America and don’t need me to explain that knockout is when a gang of young black males goes for a nice stroll in the city and, as they pass a white person, one of the blacks lunges out to land a clenched fist upside whitey’s head in an attempt to knock him out cold in just that one blow. It is what in their minds constitutes a game.

It receives minimal attention in the mainstream news, and only by reporters reacting to it as if it’s anomalous behavior, lest the reporters help perpetuate the stereotype that young black males are violent . . . and we wouldn’t want people to think that, would we? So if you still haven’t heard of knockout, may your bliss not lead you to walk past a group of black males and you listen to that little voice in your head that tells you to cross the street before passing them.

In an interesting role reversal recently, a white man, 27 years old, decided to turn the tables. Conrad Alvin Barrett recorded himself on his cell phone as he socked a 79-year-old black man in his face, shouting out “Knockout!” as he fled the scene of his crime. This was to help any future viewers of the video put his attack in context.

It was savage, obviously, but behind the beating was a pretty brilliant motive. As Barrett said in the video, “The plan is to see, if I were to hit a black person, would this be nationally televised?”

Now, I haven’t seen it televised, but that could be because I don’t watch television news. But the Justice Department has filed a criminal complaint against Barrett, charging him with—you guessed it—a “hate crime.”

When blacks attack whites, it’s not a hate crime. It’s a “lack of opportunity,” it’s their “socio-economic status,” it’s “poverty.” “Poverty” supposedly has a supernatural effect on blacks that it doesn’t have on whites, possessing them to behave like animals. (Mind you, this isn’t my assessment, but that of liberals.)

So this white man attacked a black man, and that’s what makes the Justice Department (which is headed by a black man, I think it’s worth mentioning) put its foot down. There is definitely institutionalized racism in America, and that racism is in the institution known as the United States federal government—and it’s against whites.

I’m not defending Barrett’s actions, but I will adamantly defend his motive. His motive was to demonstrate liberal hypocrisy and America’s anti-white “justice” system. He just went about it the wrong way. He should have collaborated with a conservative black man to stage an attack rather than actually bust a poor old man’s jaw. It would have put a spotlight on a very serious issue in America without causing any harm to anybody in the process.

As it stands, Barrett did manage to succeed (if you’re objective enough to recognize it) in showcasing hypocrisy and the unequal treatment of whites in our government, but I fear this will be overlooked by the fact that he actually committed a crime in the process.

What does this means for blacks in the end? Keep on randomly attacking whites in the street; the government has your back.