King Obama Uses Children To Manipulate

Hundreds of years ago, in a land quite far from our own, there was a man who would be King. Through “hard work,” and the unsealing of his opponents’ divorce records, he would ascend to the rank of Senator. Only a year and a half later, despite the challenges of lying straight to peoples’ faces, he would become King of his great nation. With his election, his wife was finally proud to be a resident of this country, and all was well for a short time.

But the longer he was King, the worse things became. People didn’t have anyone to look out for them; to pay their bills or give them free things. He solved that. With his infinite wisdom, he created a free healthcare system! Though it was a burden on the taxpayers, and really made everything worse, the King knew in his heart that it was the right thing to do…for him…politically.

One day, there was a terrible tragedy, where many were killed by guns. Instead of treating the root problem, the wise King wanted to take the easy way out; so he did what was most politically expedient. He put harsh restrictions on weapons, because it was guns that led to the violence in the first place. Without guns, he argued, all violence would cease. The world was at peace, and the King was lauded.

Ok, that little tale was just a fun way for me to say that Barack Obama has become the first King of the United States. He is using executive fiat to dictate what we can and cannot have in our homes. But above all, he is a master manipulator.

According to Town Hall, upon the announcement of his new weapons regulations today–made without the House and Senate–Barack Obama will surround himself with children. This is highly disturbing behavior.

Every time a new tax is proposed, but doesn’t have the required votes to pass, I begin to see signs throughout my neighborhood, and commercials on TV, invoking “the children.” If not “the children,” it is “cops and firefighters.” It is a crude manipulation tactic that works every time. Obama is using this type of manipulation in his move against gun ownership.

Just like Ben Shapiro said of Piers Morgan several days ago, Barack Obama is standing on the graves of children in order that his gun restrictions may be seen as the right thing. He is using living children to manipulate Americans so that they are reminded of dead children, so they may be sympathetic to his ideas. That is sick.

Just like Morgan, people will hem and haw, become indignant, and run off at the mouth about how if you’re against Obama, you want more children to die. Don’t let their crocodile tears get to you. Don’t let the fake indignant rage force you to keep your mouth shut. Obama has presided over a new Kingship, and he is using children as his pawns. It is wrong, and slightly creepy. That’s the truth.