Kentucky Democrat Seems Confused – Says She Won’t Let Chuck Todd Bully Her

Alison Lundergan Grimes (D-KY) is working hard to be the next Senator from Kentucky but she doesn’t seem to understand that…

Case in point, she thinks that Chuck Todd is somehow against her and her cause.


“Kentucky is ready for a senator that’s an independent thinker, that can put the partisanship aside and actually fight for the people for this state. One that won’t be bullied by Mitch McConnell or Chuck Todd.”

Grimes is still smarting over the lumps she took for not being willing to answer whether or not she voted for President Obama.

At the time Todd said that he believed Grimes had “disqualified” herself from being Senator with her inability to be honest about whom she voted for and apparently that has stuck with the Democrat candidate.



Don’t feel bad Alison – the rest of us think you’ve disqualified yourself too. It’s not just Chuck.