Keith Ellison: Gun Deaths Need to be Treated “Like a Disease”

I wonder if Congressman Ellison would also want auto accident fatalities treated like a disease. They certainly happen a lot more frequently than “gun deaths.” My guess is that murders committed with other means such as hammers, clubs or one’s fists wouldn’t be considered as some kind of epidemic. In fact, liberals don’t even care about those types of murders. All they care about are murders committed with guns, particularly semi-automatic rifles.

Keith, a Democrat (and Sunni Muslim) from Minnesota, thinks that we can stem violence involving guns by banning “high-capacity” magazines, even though the vast majority of firearm murders in this country don’t involve rifles or high-capacity magazines. He also parrots the same talking point about universal background checks. Neither of those proposed ideas would stem violence involving guns, and they certainly wouldn’t prevent a mass murderer from carrying out a bloody attack in a gun-free zone. CNS News reported:

“We are leading the world on these–in these gun deaths, Ellison said. “We’re not doing anything about it and people argue that because we can’t stop every gun death, we can’t stop any. That’s not true. We can do background checks. 90 percent of Americans believe that we can.” 

“We can eliminate these high-capacity magazines that a lot of people have allowed to spray a whole theater, or something like that. There is a lot of things that we can do, that we need to do. We should let the CDC give us statistics on how bad this gun carnage is.”

“So, we got to have–we got to do more than just city by city. This is something where we need a national policy and we’ve got to treat it like it is a health issue, a disease, which it is.” 

If you’re going to treat these as “diseases,” then why not treat every other murder as a disease? Because this isn’t actually about health. It’s purely about guns and finding ways to stigmatize firearms in the eyes of the public. Just consider the term ‘gun violence.’ Liberals don’t care about other forms of violence. Just the violence that involves guns.