Kate Harding Is Voting with Her Vagina; She’s An Idiot

You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.” – Harlan Ellison

An informed electorate is essential to a functioning republic. Once the scale is tipped by the uninformed or the deliberately destructive, we cease to be a republic, and we become an idiocracy.

There have always been imbeciles who vote with their feelings rather than their intellects, but I’d like to zero in on one particular type of imbecile: One who votes based on gender and race.

This behavior, this voting pattern, is an extension of “feelings voters,” who sacrifice rational thought processes in favor of biases that have no bearing on leadership.

One such voter is Dame Magazine writer Kate Harding. In a piece called “I Am Voting with My Vagina: Hillary Clinton for President,” Harding makes numerous ludicrous points. However, there are four statements on which I’d like to focus.

  1. “Gender and race have nothing to do with how a person will function as a president. We know this because we only had White, male presidents for 220 years, and they were all quite different! To say you supported Hillary because she was a woman, or Obama because he was Black, was to declare yourself overemotional, illogical, and selfish.”

Harding is correct. Over the course of 220 years, we have had 42 presidents prior to Obama who were white males (Cleveland served twice non-consecutively). However, they have all governed differently—sometimes radically. Guess why? Because they were different people.

If gender and race have no bearing on how someone will function as a leader, why vote based on them? If all things are equal, why pull the lever for someone simply because their sex organ bleeds?

Harding invalidates her own argument. She claims that every president has been different, but that we should vote for Hillary because she’s different. Um, what? These men were different because they had different values, and ideologies. Hillary may be different, too, but her gender is not a difference on which to base one’s vote.

  1. “Are we not still proud to have helped elect the first African-American president, even if he disappointed us time and again? Can we not recognize that this is a big, historic deal, that will help pave the way for more liberal women…to advance to the presidency more smoothly?”

So, we should be proud that we elected an African American, despite his immense failures as a leader? Once again, Harding invalidates her own argument. We voted for Obama because he was black, and got a presidential dud. Doesn’t that mean we shouldn’t have voted based solely on his race? Doesn’t that mean that credentials should have mattered more than skin color?

  1. “American women have been bleeding for over 200 years while men tell us it’s no big deal, and a lot of us have arrived at the point where we just want someone with a visceral, not abstract, concept of what that means.”

This is the most egregious of Harding’s arguments because it’s not simply amusingly self-defeating, but it has a hook. This is the same screed used against men entering the abortion debate. You can never experience pregnancy, so you’re not allowed to have an opinion! It’s a variant of a long-standing argument.

However, this is where things like intellect and empathy come into play. As human beings, we possess the extraordinary ability to examine and dissect issues outside of our own scope of personal experiences. In other words, we can think outside of ourselves.

Additionally, we have been blessed with something called “empathy,” which we use to understand what we’ve examined and dissected. In other words, I don’t have to slit a baby’s throat to know that it’s immoral. I can come to that conclusion using intellect and empathy—along with the hundreds of other faculties we have been given by our creator.

A president doesn’t have to know what it’s like to bleed out of one’s sex organ to grasp issues pertaining to women.

  1. “There has never been a president who was a woman. That is more than reason enough.”

This last sentence is the worst of them all. In fact, it’s vile. Does Harding really believe that a female leader–simply by virtue of her gender–will be better equipped to deal with ISIS, illegal immigration, tax reform, foreign policy, public school reform, healthcare, and a nuclear Iran?

Does Harding not see a person, but just a vagina with a D next to it? Apparently so. People like her are the reason we are declining—morally, socially, fiscally, and otherwise. They don’t use their mind to vote, they don’t compare policy and personal integrity, but cast their ballot for the person with whom they identify on a “visceral” level.

I’m sorry, but a visceral connection does not a competent leader make. And people like Harding should be permanently banned from voting because they are taking a chainsaw to our republic.

This is a note to you directly, Kate Harding: I’m absolutely disgusted with you and people like you. You’ve betrayed your country by the way you’ve decided to vote. You should be deeply ashamed—and I say that without an ounce of facetiousness or hyperbole.

As Christine Pelosi said: “Voting is a civic sacrament – the highest responsibility we have as Americans.”

You have taken that sacrament and used it as toilet paper.