Karzai To Obama: Don’t Drone Me, Bro!

It’s difficult to determine what is more disturbing on the topic of drone strikes: that they occur at all, or how little public outcry there has been. Their use has never been one that that has been publicly accepted and there has never been any real debate within either the current or the previous administrations. They just began and voters haven’t really shown any interest in making it an issue come election time.

The New America Foundation estimates that nearly 300 non-combatant civilians have been murdered by drones since 2004, and further estimates that another 300 fall under the “unknown” category. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism places the civilian estimate closer to 900 with nearly 200 of those being children. Either way, anyone with any level of reason should see this as a huge problem. Unfortunately, American politicians don’t seem to see it that way.

As it turns out, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has a bone to pick with the U. S. and their reckless foreign policy. His reason? The Washington Post reported that yesterday, a 2-year-old child was murdered by a “pilot-less aircraft” firing into a house shortly before noon. Now Karzai has stated that he will not sign a security deal with the U. S. if these ruthless and careless acts continue unabated.

After acknowledging plainly that they were involved in the airstrike, the U.S.-led international coalition released a statement that it “regrets any civilian casualties caused by the airstrike”. Lovely. How about these warmongers cease and desist from such methods of warfare until they can learn how to hit their targets without bringing children into their chaotic bloodbath? That might be a start in the right direction. So whilst the United States hasn’t seen a single terrorist act since 9/11, everyone else in the Middle East is subjected to them on a weekly basis. Way to show your valour in your fight against terrorism.

And nothing says you love caution and careful planning like joking about using drone strikes on the Jonas Brothers in a public speech.