Kansas Shooter was a Republican and a Democrat

It looks like Frazier Glenn Miller tried every which way to get elected to public office. He ran as a Democrat in 1984, a Republican in 1986 and an independent in 2006.

This means that the media probably won’t bring up any political affiliation. They’ll just call him a right-wing extremist, racist, anti-Semite, homophobe, and a neo-Nazi, and that will tell viewers and listeners enough for them to surmise that he’s “probably a Republican.”

Miller opened fire on a couple Jewish places in Overland Park, Kansas. One victim was actually Jewish, and the other two were Christians, members of a Methodist church.

CBS News reported:

According to police, the attacks happened within minutes of one another. At around 1 p.m. a gunman shot two people in the parking lot behind the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City. He then drove a few blocks away to a Jewish retirement community, Village Shalom, and gunned down a woman or girl there, Douglass said. Officers arrested him in an elementary school parking lot a short time later.

Police said the attacks at both sites happened outside, and that the gunman never entered any buildings. Douglass said the gunman also shot at two other people during the attacks, but missed.

So, technically, most of his victims weren’t even Jewish, but because of the locations of the killings, authorities are investigating the crimes as “hate crimes.” Also, he apparently yelled “Heil Hitler!” as he was being arrested.

This somehow makes what he did even worse than if he had killed the same people at, say, a grocery store or movie theater and yelling something like “Reproductive rights for women!” as he was being arrested. They’d probably call that a “love crime.”

He committed murder, the penalty for which should be death. But since we know that’s not going to happen, he should be treated as any other murderer, regardless of his personal and political opinions on race.