Justice: Obamacare Supporter Can’t Afford Obamacare

From Seattle’s CBS affiliate comes this tragic tale:

One Oregon mother says that she is unable to afford health insurance for her and her 18-month-old son because it’s too expensive.

That’s got to be rough. A fairly new mom, and she has to worry about keeping her baby healthy. Babies are prone to all kinds of sicknesses. Their immune systems are still weak, like MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and Obamacare’s onesie pajama man-boy.

The woman—who wishes to remain anonymous—tells KOIN-TV that she originally championed President Barack Obama’s signature health care law because she thought it would help people in her situation.

Oh-ho-hooo, well! Now this tragedy suddenly takes a turn for the comical! (Grabs the popcorn.)

“I’ve been a cheerleader for the Affordable Care Act since I heard about it and I assumed that it was designed for people in my situation,” she told KOIN.

She was a cheerleader for something that she had only “heard about” at the time and which she “assumed” would be good. President Savior told us it’d be good; why not take Him at His word?

“I was planning on using the Affordable Care Act and I had done the online calculator in advance to make sure I was going to be able to afford it.”

Still, she took President Reagan’s mantra to heart: trust but verify. Except the tool she was using to verify her trust was an online calculator designed by the same people who programmed the Obamacare website—the same administration, in fact, that, if our debt and deficit is any indicator, has a very problematic ignorance of mathematics.

Her husband works for a non-profit organization….


that pays for his health care, but the couple is unable to afford to have her and their son covered under his plan.

Non-profits do have certain drawbacks, like not making any money.

And she’s been told their combined income is too much to qualify for a subsidized health care plan under Cover Oregon [Oregon’s Obamacare exchange].


The woman is hoping things work out but she doesn’t know if she will have health care for her and her son.

At least she has Hope. And at least she championed legislation that she knew nothing about and can feel good about herself for that, right? She supported our President, who deserves support merely by virtue of the fact that he’s our President, or something. She doesn’t have health insurance, she can’t afford health insurance, but gosh darn it, she was a believer in a lie and she’s going to hold onto the Hope that her economical condition is all just an illusion.

I bet you George W. Bush had something to do with it.