Judges & State AG Following Holder’s Instructions to Break Laws

There is no secret that President Barack Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder repeatedly violate the US Constitution, federal laws and their oaths of office.  They willfully pick and choose what laws they want to enforce and what ones they don’t.  They ignore the legal process of going to Congress or state legislatures to overturn laws but just declaring what they intend to do anyway.

Now they are encouraging others to break and violate laws that they don’t agree with also.  Last month, Holder told state attorney generals that they do not have to enforce state laws that prohibit same-sex marriage if they don’t want to.  Like Holder and Obama’s examples, he told them that they didn’t need to wait for the state legislature to change the laws if they didn’t want to.

Holder’s lawless advice is being heeded in at least one state already, which just by coincidence happens to be Obama’s home political state of Illinois.  Illinois State Attorney General Lisa Madigan (Democrat), Federal Judge Sharon Coleman of the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois (Democrat and appointed by Obama) and a county judge have already authorized the issuing of marriage licenses for same-sex couples in the Chicago area, even though it is still against state law.

David Smith, the Executive Director of Illinois Family Institute is angry over what is taking place in his state:

“Our attorney general here in the State of Illinois is encouraging our county clerks – we have 102 counties in the state; she is encouraging the county clerks throughout the State of Illinois to go ahead and start issuing marriage licenses before the legislative deadline of June 1.”

“What she is doing, along with the Cook County judge, is basically circumventing the General Assembly and telling them You’re irrelevant. We’re going to make law and implement law and modify law the way we feel and we don’t care what you all think.  And [regarding] the legislative process, [she’s saying] We’re going to usurp the process and make our own rules as we go forward.”

Smith and his organization is contacting state lawmakers and county clerks throughout Illinois asking them not to be complicit in violating state laws by following the advice of Holder and Madigan.  Just because Holder and Obama regularly violate laws doesn’t mean that others are free to do so also.

Every politician from county clerks to judges to attorney generals to president need to be arrested and charged with violating the laws of the state and nation and US Constitution.  They need to be tried and convicted of their crimes, just like everyone else is and then be sentenced to spend a significant amount of time in prison.  Once in prison, none of them, including Obama and Holder should receive any special privileges above what the other inmates get.  They should be treated equally for breaking the law and face the fact they are nothing more than common criminals.

If nothing is done to stop any of them, then anarchy will rule and no one will have to obey any law they don’t like.  The precedent has already been set by our leaders.