Judge Orders Taxpayers to Pay for Murderer’s Sex Change Operation

A California judge has ordered that the state cover the expenses for a sex change operation for a current inmate who’s in jail for 2nd degree murder. Where will the state of California get the estimated $100,000 to cover this one person’s sex change operation? From the taxpayers, of course. Who else? The state doesn’t really produce a whole lot on its own to make its own money. Most of the money they have they took from taxpayers, or the Feds, who take much of their money from taxpayers around the country.

Michelle-Lael Norsworthy is the inmate who wants to be a woman. Modern-day psychiatrists call it “gender dysphoria.” It occurs when a person’s birth gender doesn’t coincide with what that person “identifies” with. The fact that it’s considered a disorder akin to someone with multiple identity disorder or schizophrenia should outrage liberals and members of the LGBT community.

But the fact that it is considered a disorder is what enables the “treatment” to be covered by the taxpayers. And the fact that he’s in state custody. If he had been executed for murder upon his conviction, there would be no issue today about what gender he actually “identifies” with. According to Reuters:

U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar wrote in his 38-page order that the state was violating the constitutional rights of Michelle-Lael Norsworthy, who was convicted of second-degree murder in April 1987, by not providing the operation.

Tigar wrote that Norsworthy had attempted other treatment options but says she still experiences “excruciating pain and frustration” due to her condition, and her current hormone replacement therapy could threaten her liver function.

“Norsworthy has presented compelling evidence suggesting that prison officials deliberately ignored her continuing symptoms of gender dysphoria and the recognized standards of

care,” Tigar wrote.

Gender dysphoria occurs when a person’s gender at birth conflicts with the one they identify with, the American Psychiatric Association says.

“She is seeking access to the medical treatment prescribed by her treating provider and denied for administrative, rather than medical, reasons,” Tigar added.

Norsworthy, 51, was born Jeffrey Norsworthy. She is serving a sentence of 17 years to life at Mule Creek State Prison in Ione, California.

She began identifying as a transgender woman in the mid-1990s and was diagnosed with the condition in January 2000.

The operation would be the first in state prison history and could cost as much as $100,000, California Corrections Health Care Services spokeswoman Joyce Hayhoe told the Los Angeles Times.

Hayhoe’s office was reviewing the order to “determine the next steps,” she told the newspaper.

Prescribed treatments for gender dysphoria can range from hormones, which typically affect breast development and other secondary sex characteristics, to facial feminization and genital surgery.

Denied treatment, people with gender dysphoria can suffer anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts, Tigar wrote. He ordered that the state provide the surgery “as promptly as possible.”

I’m not going to call him a her. No amount of plastic surgery or mutilation will change the fact that he’s male.

People respond to him the same way you’d respond to a mental patient who believes that he fought in the Revolutionary War. Maybe he believes that he’s George Washington. You don’t waste your time with such a person trying to convince him that he’s actually not George Washington and then offer evidence and reasons that prove that he’s a nutter. You politely play along and call him Mr. President or General or just Mr. Washington and ask him to tell you war stories.

That’s all they’re doing with this man. They’re politely playing along and calling him a her.

I don’t understand why the LGBT people aren’t in an uproar over how “gender dysphoria” is classified. Calling it a mental disorder means that those diagnosed with it belong in a mental institution.

If this guy wants to pretend to be a woman and pay a surgeon to rearrange his genitals so that they somewhat resemble those of a woman in order to live out his fantasy, he should have done that on his own dime, before he decided to kill someone.