Judge Arrested for DUI, Has Fellow Judge Dismiss her Charges for Her

A judge arrested for the same law you or I might get arrested for doesn’t have to play by the same rules.

A Texas judge got pulled over back in July and was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). Not to worry though. Everyone knows the ruling class is exempt from the rules they enforce on everyone else. Counter Current News reported:

A Texas judge has just dismissed all Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charges for a fellow judge: 13th Court of Appeals Justice Nora Longoria.

This special treatment was given to Longoria even after she was busted by McAllen police back in July for driving while intoxicated.

The justice told the arresting officer, “You are going to ruin my life,” but the officer didn’t seem deterred. Judge Rolando Cantu with Hidalgo County Court at Law #8, however, was moved to dismiss the case which had been pending until November 20th.

He signed an order dismissing the case, saying there was “not enough evidence” against the justice, since there was no dashcam video of the traffic stop.

Longoria refused a breathalyzer, but right from the start, police did not take a blood sample from her, the way that they are doing at forced “no refusal” checkpoints all over the nation.

Longoria did not return our calls or emails for a comment on this case or the special treatment she seems to have received.

“Not enough evidence,” huh? Since when do they care about “evidence?” Mostly all they care about are convictions.

I wonder what happened to the dashcam video. Did it just disappear like all those IRS emails?

And the judge wasn’t subjected to a forced blood draw, even though she apparently refused a breathalyzer test, which to 99% of police officers constitutes probable cause that you’re driving drunk. I mean, what innocent person would refuse a breathalyzer test or even a roadside blood sample? Refusing such tests obviously means you’re guilty.

Perhaps the cop recognized her, and for whatever reason he felt vindictive. Who knows. But one thing is for certain. You don’t mess with the ruling class. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find out that that cop was suddenly fired for insubordination.