Judd Apatow Laments ‘Big Money’ in Politics Without a Hint of Irony

I’ve often wondered how the perception came about that liberals are the only ones who care about people. It’s certainly not true that liberals have a monopoly on caring, but people seem to think that conservatives are fat, greedy pigs, and liberals are altruistic angels. Then Hollywood producer Judd Apatow went on Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect” and I got a clearer picture.

When asked by Mark Halperin about money in politics, Apatow said:

“Well, I just think it’s ridiculous that anybody thinks that rich people care about other people. It’s just as simple as that. Like when the Koch brothers give like a billion dollars for the new election cycle, it isn’t out of a great concern for the masses. So everyone is forced into this game.”

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Apatow’s net worth stands at $90 million. So…I guess Apatow puts himself in that category?

When Halperin pressed him and asked: “But that applies from your point of view just as much to Hollywood liberals as to the Koch brothers?” Apatow responded without a hint of irony:

“I think the difference is that Hollywood liberals would be willing to change the entire system if we all would get the money out of it, and I don’t think that conservatives would do it.”

Again, Apatow’s net worth is $90 million. But he’s on the good side, you see.

The perception that the left cares about people, and the right is full of evil capitalists comes directly out of Hollywood. Apatow laments money in politics, but donates tens of thousands to the DNC and political candidates himself, and offers this on Twitter:

Huh, so “big money” begins at “more than I’ve donated.”

Anyway, Hollywood defines our lives by creating the second world: media. Everything we consume in terms of media is guided by the left: movies, television, music, news. Hollywood controls nearly everything we watch on the big screen, and nearly everything we see on tv, and it’s that kind of influence that leads to people believing that conservatives are “greedy capitalists,” and liberals are bleeding hearts.

Liberals like Apatow are hypocrites. They donate more in one sitting than the average American could donate in a lifetime, then turn around and tell average Americans about the evils of big money. But Americans believe people like Apatow because he controls what they see and hear every time they turn on a screen.

What Apatow’s assertion boils down to is: “I feel.” I feel the Koch brothers have bad intentions with their money, and I feel that Hollywood liberals would do the “right thing” if we could only get money out of politics. It’s just air.

This perception has bled into every liberal American who laments “big money” in politics, then turns around and supports every liberal billionaire like George Soros and every single actor, director, writer, and producer giving their collective millions to the left. Because they too “feel” that Hollywood is giving to the right causes, and people.

If we’re playing the feelings game, I feel that Judd Apatow should get his big money out of politics. I feel that he isn’t donating to the right people, and I feel that it’s unfair.

To be more direct, I feel that Judd Apatow should keep his mouth shut when it comes to politics because I feel that he’s a hypocrite. Worst of all, I feel that he’s too stupid to realize it.