JP Morgan Asks Employees “Are You An Ally Of The LGBT Community?”

The more history changes, the more it stays the same.” – Shannon Alder

There was a time when people were asked: “Are you now, or have you ever been?” That phrase is most often attributed to the 1950’s, and the hunt for communist spies thought to be living out secret lives in the United States, but that question has been repeated for ages, in different ways. The leaders of the Salem witch trails asked women an approximation of that same question, prior to executing them. Though history moves forward, the behavior of human beings stays the same. And now, Christians are being asked “Are you now, or have you ever been?”

Apparently, every year, JP Morgan Chase asks its employees to fill out a questionnaire, which generally poses questions regarding management, etc, but this year, the questions are a bit different.

According to Breitbart:

“A second source has confirmed that JP Morgan Chase has asked each of its employees whether they are ‘an ally of the LGBT community,’ which employees have taken as a veiled threat.”

I’m sure an explanation will be offered in which the company downplays the questionnaire, claiming that it was nothing more than demographic research, but I find that hard to believe. What could be gained by asking your employees whether or not they are an “ally” of the LGBT community? What could be gained by asking an employee if they are an ally of any specific community? I would think that yearly surveys of the kind distributed by Chase are designed to suss out potential problems with management, or evaluate employee efficiency. As far as I know, wether or not an employee is an “ally” of the LGBT community has no bearing on productivity. The only reason for JP Morgan Chase to suddenly ask this question of their employees is so that they can know who holds traditional values, and who does not. Then, the company can ascribe to those who value traditional marriage characteristics which aren’t actually present, such as bigotry, and hatred. They can then use these made-up characteristics as a reason to fire those employees.

Seem extreme, and irrational? Remember the newly minted CEO of Mozilla who was forced to step down after it was revealed that in 2008, he donated to prop 8? Remember the Chick-fil-A uproar? These incidents are not going away, and businesses that are run by liberal elites will be on the prowl for those who would dare to disagree with them about gay marriage.

The funny thing is, the way the JP Morgan Chase survey question is worded only allows employees one of two diametrically opposed answers. One: Yes, I am an ally, and I favor gay marriage. Two: No, I am not an ally. There is no middle ground in which someone could say “No, I do not favor gay marriage, but I respect my colleagues as human beings, regardless of their orientation.” It’s “I love them,” or “I hate them,” and that’s exactly what the left wants. They want a country in which those who are opposed to gay marriage also despise gays, and want them in cages. They want a country in which they are God, and conservatives are the devil. The only way the left can win an argument is by warping it, and removing any kind of nuance.

We are at the beginning of an era in which we will frequently be asked “Are you now, or have you ever been opposed to gay marriage?” And your answer could determine your future.