Josh Earnest: Record Gun Sales Are a “Tragic Irony”

When asked what he thought about the gun sales surges that are happening across the country, White House spokesman Josh Earnest opined that that was a “tragic irony.” He thinks it’s tragic, because of the recent mass shootings that we’ve witnessed. He doesn’t get why people would want to rush to buy guns immediately following such terrible incidents. CNS News reported:

“How are legal gun sales, complete with background checks, tragic?” a reporter asked Earnest later:

“I guess the part that I’m observing is that it’s tragic that in the aftermath, in the immediate aftermath of a series of high-profile mass shootings, that people feel like they have to go out and purchase a gun. Because it’s our view, and again I think this is backed up by some common sense, our nation is awash in guns.

“There are statistics about the large quantity of guns that are rather readily available on street corners and in gun stores all across America. That ready access to guns and that proliferation of violent weapons of war has not led to fewer gun deaths. In fact, we’re seeing that those — that that doesn’t seem to be the — the affects that we’re witnessing here.

“And so it’s tragic that even in the situation where we have lots of guns on the streets that lead to lots of innocent Americans being killed, that the response to that is that a whole lot more guns end up on the streets. That’s tragic and ironic.”

People buying lots of guns and ammo is actually a common sense reaction to mass shootings. People understand that mass shootings are essentially random (although most of them happen in gun-free zones). It’s understandable that people don’t want to be sitting ducks in that kind of situation.

Earlier in the press conference, Earnest was talking about how the President was going to take executive action on gun control. That’s tragic. The more that this administration says stuff like that, the more people want to go out and buy firearms. That’s the irony.