Jonah Hill Apologizes for Using “the Most Hurtful Word”

The most hurtful word in the minds of the LGBT(Q…RS) and their fanboys, is (drumroll, please): faggot. That’s right. A word that still means cigarette in the UK and originally meant a bundle of sticks intended for burning is now the most hurtful word Jonah Hill can think of. And Jonah Hill can think of some pretty offensive and hurtful things. This is isn’t Betty White we’re talking about.

I’ve never met a bigger bunch of babies. Though I appreciate that Jonah Hill seemed sincere in his delusion, I nonetheless continue to believe him delusional. The word faggot is a hurtful word because it isn’t nice to the person you call a faggot. There are all sorts of hurtful words, but there are very few words that are hurtful to a community even if you direct them toward an individual.

The only other words I know of that fit that description are racial slurs. It is extremely interesting that homosexuals would claim to be a sort of race.  That’s the only explanation for this mountain out of a mole hill (no pun intended). They’ve been attempting for years to jump on the “civil rights” wagon like they should be in the same category as Rosa Parks when they are mocked for roller blading in the public square in nothing more than a rainbow-colored thong. Homosexuals aren’t a race. And faggot is a stupid word that means almost nothing.

Jonah Hill couldn’t have felt any worse if he had called the paparazzo a nigger. Think about that for a second. But the paparazzo wasn’t black, you say. Yeah, he wasn’t homosexual either. That’s not the point. The point is that “the most hurtful word” Jonah Hill could muster at that time was faggot.

This means that, in the minds of many, homosexuals have already attained the status they desired. They are a preferred and protected race with their own special rights and privileges. And boy are they touchy. Think about how angry homosexuals have gotten about the phrase “That’s so gay…” meaning “That’s so lame.” Just when they had succeeded in getting people to call them happy instead of perverted, people took the word gay, which they had made useless for any other purpose but their own self-designation, and started using it to describe things they thought were forgettable, unimpressive, irritating, or stupid.

So they had to fight back to save their precious label from irremediable harm. They started  a campaign with the Ad Council: Think Before You Speak. Was this to protect ugly people, fat people, or stupid people from verbal bullying? No. It was to protect homosexual kids from having to hear their favorite self-label being used in an oh-so-mild derogative phrase. And there’s even a live update that lets you know when the words are being used on twitter. Sheesh.

So, Jonah Hill. You can stop sweating the small stuff. You have not committed the unpardonable sin. You said something hurtful (and far less foul or offensive than so many of the things you have said in movies, by the way) to a very annoying bully. Try to control your spirit next time, but I think you’ll be okay. On the other hand, the fact that so many people have bullied you for your minor slip-up—hey, you’ve even bullied yourself over it—well, that’s just gay.