John McCain Tells Anti-War Protesters “Shut Up or I’m Going to Have You Arrested” before calling them “Low Life Scum”!

John McCain was in rare form on Thursday morning. As the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee he happened to be leading a hearing with three former Secretaries of State – Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright and George Schultz. Things had just gotten underway when a group of protesters interrupted the proceedings to declare that “In the name of the people” Henry Kissinger should be arrested for war crimes!

That was when McCain jumped in to rescue the former Secretaries, though he probably surprised a few people with his response.

“You’re gonna have to shut up or I’m going to have you arrested… Get out of here you low life scum.”

I kid you not.



I’ve written some harsh things about John McCain over the last couple of years, but I may want to reevaluate getting on his bad side. He dropped the hammer and quick!