John McCain: Fame-Hungry Pawn

“…I respect their vote, but I’d like to know what we do in order to avoid another shutdown of the government. The American people steadfastly reject a shutdown of the government…to somehow vote against it [the budget deal] without an alternative to…keep the government from shutting down, then I think lacks some intellectual integrity.” – John McCain

Thanks for the lecture, daddy McCain. Now I know that we should never vote against anything we see as bad for the American people. This is classic McCain. He loves to yell from the top of the media mountain that he is the most moderate, willing to compromise, maverick the Senate has ever seen, and if anyone should go against him, they should be ashamed. He’s like the Sean Penn of Washington. It’s obnoxious, and tiring.

Has John McCain not seen the budget? It cuts military pensions, it increases our already astronomical spending, and it does absolutely nothing to stem the rising tide of our national debt. Speaking in terms of intellectual honesty and integrity, it is not a budget worth supporting. Real conservatives see that this budget is a slap in the face of the American people, and it should be stood firmly against.

Additionally, he throws in the old “I respect them, but…” That’s like saying “no offense, but…” It doesn’t mean anything to say you respect someone if you then proceed to label them as lacking intellectual integrity.

McCain claims to respect the American people, making sure to mention how much Americans hated the shutdown, but at what cost is the Senate “respecting” the people? If they in the Senate know that this budget is fatally flawed, isn’t it up to them to protect their constituents? Isn’t it up to McCain—despite Americans’ apprehension toward another shutdown of 15% of government—to hold himself to a higher standard than those who don’t care about their constituents? If he votes for this abysmal budget, and it damages the economy, and harms veterans, will he hold himself accountable?

Finally, Republicans frequently offer alternatives to the Democrat budgets—that is, when the Democrats actually propose a budget. Simply by virtue of being the minority Party, every Republican budget is killed on site. To say that someone lacks intellectual integrity because they stand up for something in which they strongly believe is cruel, and ultimately shows a lack of intellectual integrity on the part of John McCain. In everything John McCain said, he himself is being intellectually dishonest as well.

Here’s to Pawn McVain: The Maverick.