Is John Kerry Trying To Trick Russians And Americans Into War?

Congress and the American people have halted this administration from further degrading American credibility in the world. The attack on Syria has be paused.

But it has not been stopped.

In the first place, the US is pushing ahead of schedule to arm radical psychopathic killers to commit indiscriminate mass murder wherever they go. “But I thought we were only going to support the moderates?” you say. Yes. Moderates like the one who dug out and ate the heart of his enemy and posted the footage on YouTube.

“Last week, the New York Times posted a video of what it reported to be FSA-armed rebels executing shirtless prisoners. The Syrian Support Group issued a statement disputing the Times report, claiming the rebels in the video were from a non-SMC affiliated outfit that did not receive any supplies or funding from the Supreme Military Council. This spring, one militia leader affiliated with the FSA—his brigade has since been kicked out—was filmed eating a dead soldier’s heart. “This stuff happens rarely, but it’s unfortunate,” Layman says. “With the guy who was eating a heart, he was part of a moderate faction…We work with Idriss and let him know that he needs to prevent these things.”

I’m sure such people are just waiting to turn Syria into a modern, secular democracy.

In the second place, Kerry seems to be using the Russian-Syrian deal to get a mandate to attack Syria that bypasses Congress. CNN reports,

“The next step in implementing the agreement is to get a U.N. resolution. But on that front, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry ‘and his Western allies’ Monday of misunderstanding the deal, according to Russia’s state-run Itar-Tass news agency. The deal does not say that a U.N. resolution will be under Chapter 7 of the U.N. Charter, Lavrov said. Chapter 7 potentially authorizes the use of force. Lavrov said comments by Kerry ‘show unwillingness to read the document’ that Russia and the United States agreed to. Kerry said Monday that a U.N. resolution will need to include the possibility of force. ‘If the Assad regime believes that this is not enforceable, then they will play games,’ he said.”

If Kerry wants to threaten Syria as the representative of the US, and not a private thug, he needs to go to Congress and ask for their authorization. Otherwise, he is the one playing games. We already know that the Obama Administration prefers to bypass Congress and appeal to the alleged authority of international organizations for making war. It looks as if the White House is using this deal to sneak in an “authorization” to attack Syria if Syria violates the deal. Of course, it will be easy to then figure out a way to argue that Assad has violated the terms of the bargain.

The Assad regime is brutal against perceived threats, but for Christians Assad is the one who protects the church (as well as other religious minorities) and leaves them free to worship. Naturally, the US government wants him replaced by anti-Christian Jihadists.

Don’t believe the lies about “moderates.” Don’t let this administration turn Syria into another Libya or Iraq.