John Kerry Shouts Down Anti-War Protester – No One Notices Irony

In a very ironic twist on Wednesday some anti-war protesters began shouting down testimony from John¬†Kerry even calling for Kerry to stop killing innocent people! If your not reminded of Kerry’s own personal history of anti-war activism then this won’t be so funny (or ironic) to you. It’s nice to see kerry get a taste of his own medicine and it’s also nice to see Democrats forced to defend our military actions for once.



John Kerry: Provide the means for the President of the United States and his representatives to speak with a single powerful voice at this pivotal hour. When I came here last time, I–

Protester: The people are speaking out, Secretary Kerry. We are tired of an endless war. We don’t want to live with a war when there is not end–

Senator Bob Corker: The committee will be in order. Look. We, appreciate–

Protester: …the killing of innocent people…

Corker: Look. If this happens again, I would ask the police to escort immediately out of the room.

Protester: More war creates more terrorism by killing innocent people.

Kerry: Killing more innocent people? I wonder how our journalists who were beheaded and the pilot who was fighting for freedom and was burned alive, what they would have to say to their efforts to protect innocent people…¬†ISIL’s momentum has been diminished, Mr. Chairman.