Joe Biden Threatens Reporters with Toy Assault Gun

Students have been suspended, expelled, even arrested for far less than what Vice President Biden did. He not only wielded an “assault-style” water gun, he shot it at reporters and threatened to kill them if they dare criticize him.

Can you imagine what would happen if a high schooler brought a water gun to school, threatened teachers and other students, and shot it at people? At a minimum, he’d be expelled. Since we live in a post-Sandy Hook world, I’m sure prosecutors would find a way to put the kid in jail for a long time.

And then they’d offer counseling to all the kids at the school who were “traumatized” by the water gun mass shooting.

The Blaze reported on Biden’s mass shooting:

During a media picnic at his official residence at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., Vice President Joe Biden had this to say to gathered journalists:

“Anybody who writes a bad story about me is dead,” he announced, bearing that familiar grin.

And bearing a fairly large squirt gun — resembling something a bit more imposing than ye olde fashioned water pistol.

“I just want you to know that, get this straight, we’re not gonna kid around about this.”

Then a number of similarly “armed” children dutifully drenched the press corps, theDaily Mail noted, citing tweets from a variety of reporters.

‘The Vice President of the US just shot me with a super soaker,’ wrote the Associated Press’ White House reporter Josh Lederman.

Obviously, I don’t care one bit about Biden’s water gun or jocular threats. Obama had a water gun stunt as well.

What bothers me is the hypocrisy of politicians in thinking they can do whatever they want in direct contrast to their emotional political speeches and campaigns. It’s the mixed messages, the contradictions we get from them.

On one hand, liberal politicians want kids to be brainwashed about guns. They want kids to be so terrified of them that they would never want to handle one. That’s why kids get suspended and expelled from school for the most ridiculous things. On the other hand, politicians don’t have to actually abide by their own stated rules and values. They are their own exception.