Joe Biden says Trump Presidency is a Real Possibility!

As folks in both parties and in the media fret about the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency, Vice President Joe Biden seems to think that the likelihood of Trump winning the White House isn’t as remote as some of the pundits believe. While Biden openly admits that he hopes that it doesn’t happen, he acts as though he wouldn’t be surprised if it does.

“Yes, I think it’s possible…

I hope that if that were to occur — I hope it doesn’t because I have fundamentally different views than he does — I’d hope that he gets a lot more serious about the issues, a lot more serious about gaining knowledge about this this nation functions and foreign policy and domestic policy, but look, that’s a long way off.”

I agree with Biden here. I don’t agree with Trump on more than a few issues (immigration reform and America’s decline are two places where we converge), and there are a handful of candidates that I would prefer the GOP nominate… but he might just win.

There are a lot of folks who should start preparing themselves for the possibility that we may soon have a billionaire real estate mogul parked in the West Wing, — otherwise 2017 may be a very difficult year for them.