Joe Biden Loves the Taste of His Own Foot

I don’t know that there has ever been a Vice President in the history of the United States that loved putting his foot in his mouth like Joe Biden. The guy has roundly surpassed clown status for his habit of saying things one day and apologizing for them the next.

His most recent bout of podiphagia concerned America’s “allies” in the Middle East. Because we all know we need more enemies in the region:

Vice President Joe Biden apologized to the United Arab Emirates Sunday for charging that the oil-rich ally had been supporting al Qaida and other jihadi groups in Syria’s internal war, his second apology in as many days to a key participant in the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State extremists.

His first apology was to Turkey’s president, after Biden had “quoted” him on allowing terrorists across the Turkish border. He also made comments about Saudi Arabia, likening the US’s current alliance with Saudi Arabia to our former alliance with the Soviet Union during World War II. He said we knew Stalin was a “no-good SOB” from the beginning. It is unclear whether he meant that we know the Saudi Arabian president is similarly no good.

When will Joe Biden go away? If any Republican ever made these kind of statements, he would be run out of office on a rail—tarred, feathered, and publicly shamed. But somehow, Biden gets away with it. He’s like that one senile relative we all put up with—“He’s really harmless, you know.” But these kinds of statements are not harmless.

We shouldn’t be in the constant position of apologizing to our allies. It puts us in an ever weaker position in the Middle East, and in global politics in general. If Biden likes the taste of his own foot so much, perhaps he should be given an early retirement so he can munch away at his own leisure. It’s not like Obama has shown a great deal of loyalty to members of his administration. Why should Biden get special treatment?