Joe Biden for President in 2016?

If there is a free election in 2016 and the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution has not been repealed, will Vice President Joe Biden really seek the Democratic nomination for President?

It’s a scary thought indeed, as no President or Vice President in history has ever made so many stupid blunders and said so many stupid things as Joe Biden.  To be honest, he reminds me more of the comic sidekicks of Lou Costello of Abbott and Costello or Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy fame, than he does a vice president of the United States.  Unlike Obama who lies because he wants to, Biden seems to lie more because he doesn’t know any better.

Biden seems to be as out of touch with the American people and what really is happening in the lives of middle class Americans as Barack Obama, but that didn’t stop those very same people from re-electing Obama and Biden.  But does he have a chance of being elected in four years to take Obama’s place?

According to a recent article, Biden may already be planning on making that run for the Oval Office.  It gave five hints that Biden may run in 2016 and those are:

1. Chummy with New Hampshire. Among the 120 guests Biden invited to the Naval Observatory on Jan. 20 for his swearing-in for a second term as vice president was New Hampshire Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan. The Granite State traditionally holds the first presidential primary in the nation.

2. Chummy with Iowa.  On Saturday night, Biden gave remarks to the Iowa State Society inauguration ball, where he mistakenly said, “I’m proud to be president of the United States,” before correcting himself to big applause from the audience. The Iowa caucuses are considered the first major nominating event in presidential election seasons.

3. Keeping that door openOn Election Day in November, Biden dismissed the notion that would be the last time he’d vote for himself. “No, I don’t think so,” he said.

4. ‘You’ll vote for me in 2016′  While campaigning in October, Biden joked to a voter on the phone that, “after its all over, when your insurance rates go down, then you’ll vote for me in 2016.”

5. The economy...  Biden suggested to a Delaware newspaper that the state of the economy in several years will help determine whether he runs. “There’s plenty of time to think about 2016,” Biden said. “We’ve got to get this economy working. If three years from now the economy is not working, it’s not going to be worth doing much.”

If Biden does decide to run and get elected, he would be the oldest newly elected president at 73 years of age.  It would also make America the laughing stock of the entire world.  Placing Biden in the White House to succeed Obama would be like making the class clown the new superintendent of a school or placing the court jester on the thrown of England.

But underneath that floppy hat of the jester lies a man just as dangerous as our current leader.  Biden is anti-gun, pro-homosexual, pro-big government, pro-spending, pro-lying and pro-do-it-my-way or no-way.  His actions and statements as vice president indicate that he doesn’t care about middle class or poverty in America.  He has little to no respect of anyone that thinks differently than he does and will take every chance to publicly mock that person, as he did during the debate with Paul Ryan.  Biden is a man of low ethics and even lower honesty and integrity.

Obama had a definitely plan to ruin America.  Biden would continue to ruin America out of his own arrogance without any major plan.  He is a knee-jerk reactionary, which in many cases can be far more dangerous than a deliberate plotter like Obama.

If Biden gets elected in 2016, Costa Rica or Belize may look more inviting to many retiring conservatives.  Their money will go further and they may face less danger living in the Central American countries than they would living here under a Biden presidency.