Jesus vs. Muhammad – See the Video that Brought On THOUSANDS of Death Threats!

Steven Crowder is a very funny dude – he’s also pretty smart. For years he’s combined these two gifts to create some of the best conservative comedy commentary on the interwebs, and because of that he’s gotten himself into a bit of hot water on more than one occasion.

Over the years he’s created a couple of commentaries on Islam that have garnered him some… unwanted attention. With the recent attacks in Paris and the media firestorm that has developed around the attack, a video Steven made two years ago went viral for a second time.

The video is called “Jesus vs. Muhammad (The Quran Challenge II)”. The video’s title describes the content perfectly – it is literally a comparison between Jesus and Muhammad… and the video has become so popular that it has inspired thousands of death threats against our dear friend.

Jesus VS. Muhammad

“Jesus, a servant, never fought in battle, never killed a guy! Not only did Muhammad do so, but he actually felt that it was his divine calling to KILL non-Muslims and MURDER people who insulted him!”

This is the one, folks. This is the video that’s literally resulted in an official fatwa and literally thousands of threats on my life and that of my family.