Jesus Edited Out of Reality Show to Avoid Offending Muslims

P. D. James said: “I believe that political correctness can be a form of linguistic fascism, and it sends shivers down the spine of my generation who went to war against fascism.”

What is political correctness? Political correctness is the removal or whitewashing of words and actions from society that may offend certain individuals’ religious, ethnic, or racial sensibilities. In other words, it’s the forced politeness brought upon us by a society dominated by fear of legal or physical retaliation.

I detest political correctness, not only because it’s an insidious social control mechanism, but because it is not culturally enforced in any fair way. Don’t misunderstand me, when I say that political correctness isn’t enforced in any fair way, I don’t mean that it is enforced inconsistently. The inequality of PCness lies in its enforcement, in that it specifically and routinely protects one religion over another, one political stance over another, and one social belief over another. Political correctness belongs to the Left, and as such, only exists to protect Liberal ideology.

According to Breitbart:

Speaking with Sports Spectrum magazine, Duck Dynasty stars Willie and Phil Robertson stated that editors on Duck Dynasty had edited out Jesus’ name in prayers to spare Muslim sensitivities. Phil stated: When we prayed, we said, ‘in Jesus’ name, amen.’ I don’t have a verse that says you must always use pray in the name of Jesus, but it’s a very good idea, I think. So they would have me say, ‘Thank you, Oh Lord, for the food, thank you for the leavens, amen.’ So I said, ‘Why would you cut out “in Jesus’ name”? And they said, ‘Well, those editors are probably doing that, they think, you know, it might offend some of the Muslims, you know.’”

Allow me to reverse the situation for the purposes of our education. If an extremely popular television show that was based around Muslim business owners was to feature regular prayers, would the editors ask the same thing of the Muslims as they did of the Dynasty crew? Would the editors cut out the name of Allah in order to make Christian viewers feel more comfortable, and less alienated? I can answer that without question: NO. If the situation were reversed, the media would endlessly praise how culturally significant it was to have a Muslim business in television. They would have no care for Christian viewers, because it would be absolutely stupid and asinine to care about something so trivial.

So why—the situation being as it is—are the editors so concerned with offending Muslims? Because Islam is a protected entity, just as abortion clinics, gay marriage, illegal aliens, and every other Liberal item on the checklist is protected. It is not only protected from offense, but from scrutiny and criticism as well. It is an entity that lives inside a steel media bubble.

It is protected for one reason: to safeguard the illusion of Liberal compassion. Liberals fain compassion to get anything they want from the constituents about whom they pretend to care. It’s all a power grab. Christians represent many things that the elite Left despises: family values, not murdering children, not rewarding law-breakers, etc, so they have no need to protect those for whom they have no use. You can see it everywhere: the Left only offers PC protection to those who benefit the Left. Everyone else is useless to their agenda, and therefore left unprotected.

Take notice of who the Left shields from inquiry and criticism. It will show you just who they need to push their agenda forward.