Why a Jeb Bush Presidential Ticket is a Bad Idea

I just read another article that said a number of key Republicans are pushing for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush to run for president in 2016.  They claim that he could best unite the Republican Party as a worthwhile option to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who is embroiled in the Bridge-gate scandal.

Supposedly, many of the same political and financial people who backed Romney are behind the push for Bush.  They believe that he is favorably popular among evangelicals and the GOP establishment along with the fact that his wife, Columba is Mexican and Bush speaks fluent Spanish.

With his Mexican wife and support of the immigration reform bill proposed by the Democrats and liberal Republicans, supporters feel Bush stands a chance of wrestling a significant number of Hispanic votes away from Hillary Clinton. Jeb can go into their communities with his fluency in Spanish and talk to them directly without needing an interpreter as Hillary would need.

But allow me to add my reasons why I am against Bush and believe he’s a very bad choice for the GOP ticket.  Besides his endorsement of the immigration reform bill that will make millions of illegals legal, rewarding them for breaking the law, he also supports the Common Core Standards and was part of the governors association that helped draft them.  If he still endorses the anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-parenting and pro-socialist agendas of the Common Core Standards, then he does not belong in the Oval Office.

Secondly, Obama and the liberal media have over half of America convinced that all of our economic woes are the fault of Bush’s brother, George W., even though they are the result of the dangerous policies of former President Bill Clinton.  The Democrats will surely hammer home this lie to the American people and convince them that another Bush as President will only make our economy worse than it is now.  Sadly, a vast number of Americans have been so dumbed down that they believe the lies of the mainstream media.  What votes Jeb Bush may garner from the Hispanic population could easily be offset by the votes of uninformed Americans who believe the media and the millions of women who will vote for Hillary just because of her sex.

In many ways, Jeb Bush is almost as liberal as Chris Christie, but not quite as liberal.  At least Bush hasn’t openly embraced and welcomed Muslims with known ties to terrorist groups like Christie has.

Bottom line is that I believe Jeb Bush is a bad choice for the GOP ticket.  He is too liberal and I don’t believe he stands a chance of beating Hillary in 2016.