Jeb Bush “Introduces” Himself to America

I’m not sure Jeb Bush can really call this ad an “introduction;” he’s been on America’s radar for a very, very long time. Interestingly, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton both chose this past weekend to attempt to “reintroduce” themselves to America. Hillary called hers a re-launch, and Bush just pretended that most of America didn’t already know who he was. This isn’t the only connection or similarity to their two campaigns. Another is that both campaigns seem to be suffering from the same strain of malaise, as neither candidate has been able to drum up the kind of support or energy that they had hoped for.

It seems that people aren’t really that excited about the idea of another Clinton or another Bush as President of the United States.

For Clinton this may not be that big of an obstacle to overcome, as her primary opponents thus far are unsurprisingly… lackluster. However, this could become a MAJOR issue for the Jeb Bush campaign, because there are many strong GOP candidates pressing their case for victory in this primary season. Thus far Bush’s campaign seems ill equipped to compete against serious contenders, and I personally believe this will be his downfall. I don’t expect that Jeb Bush will be the GOP nominee in 2016.

Just in case you’ve been in a cave for the last decade or two, here is the new Jeb Bush campaign ad where he “introduces himself to the nation.” Enjoy.

The barriers right now on people rising up is the great challenge of our time. So many people could do so much better if we fixed a few things. My core beliefs start with the premise that the most vulnerable in our society should be in the front of the line, not the back. And as Governor, I had a chance to act on that core belief.