Jeb Bush Claims No Baggage With Bush Name

Carlos Santana said: “Everybody sooner or later has to drop the luggage and the baggage of illusions.” Everybody–every single human being–has some sort of baggage that they have to deal with. Whether it be on their part, or on the part of a family member; we carry with us numerous pieces of life experience that accumulate over our years on this earth. Not all of this accumulation is bad, but nevertheless, it weighs on our consciousness. Not one of us can escape that; especially not Jeb Bush.

In an interview for Fox News Sunday, Jeb Bush said this in regard to a possible 2016 Presidential run: “I love my brother – I’m proud of his accomplishments…I love my dad. I’m proud to be a Bush…I don’t think there’s any Bush baggage at all.”

Let’s take a walk back and see the forest here. There is obviously nothing wrong with most of what he said. He is proud to be part of a prestigious family; he is proud of his father and brother–both of whom accomplished much in their respective tenures as President. That being said, to claim that there isn’t any baggage is ludicrous.

As I mentioned above, baggage exists regardless of who you are. And the baggage that comes with the Bush name is as heavy as it comes. Whether or not it is justified, the Bush name has been pulled through the mud quite thoroughly. I say justified, because we can never be certain that Jeb would make the same decisions as his brother and father. However, we can look to George Sr. and George W. as a reference. In addition to that, we can look to Jeb’s own record in Florida.

We can look to Bush 41’s false “no new taxes” claim; we can look to W’s zealous overspending and “compassionate immigration” proposals; and we can look to Jeb’s own immigration proposals. With all of these factors, we can pretty well judge where Jeb Bush would fall as President.

The Bush name is loaded with baggage, and Jeb cannot escape that. He can certainly try a run for president; and with all of the low-information voters, he may well succeed at winning the nomination. However, judging by the performance of his father, his brother, and his own record in Florida, I hope and pray he will not unload his baggage on all of us.