Janet Napolitano’s Sequestration Lies

Michael Crichton said: “Social control is best managed through fear.” The Obama administration is a consummate pro at the dissemination of fear. Every time the Democrats need something done their way, they invoke our greatest fears so that we may bow to the pressure and acquiesce to their desires. It happens every election cycle. A new tax hike proposal is unpopular, so the Democrats invoke “the children,” and “the cops and firefighters,” so we can all feel bad, and vote in favor of the hike. Fear is a brilliant method of manipulation, and the Obama administration has cornered the market.

The Obama administration–not satisfied that their scare tactics didn’t work prior to the sequester–has sent out Janet Napolitano to try and gin up some scares at the expense of frequent travelers.

According to The Telegraph:

“Ms. Napolitano said today that major airports were seeing lines ‘150 to 200 per cent as long as we would normally expect’ as result of the federal spending cuts that went into force on Friday…However, when contacted by The Daily Telegraph, spokespeople for both O’Hare and LAX, as well as representatives from the travel industry, denied that airports had been hit by delays. ‘We haven’t had any slowdowns at all,’ said Marshall Lowe, a spokesman for LAX. Mr. Lowe said that he had been on duty over the weekend and received no reports of unusual security delays.”

It is now March 4th; the sequestration has begun to go into effect, and the world isn’t coming to an end. What an incredible turn of events! By the grim tone of Obama and his acolytes, you would have thought there would be rivers of fire, and swarms of locusts tearing the very fabric of our world apart if we didn’t raise taxes on the rich to offset sequestration. Alas, we are in a good place.

The Obama administration did not expect the Republicans to stand strong; they expected the Republicans–as happened during the fiscal cliff deal–to cave. Their scare tactics failed miserably to have any effect on the American people, let alone Conservatives in the House and Senate.

In response to this failure, they are scrambling to find some dark lining around the silver cloud. They sent out Janet Napolitano–a person far enough away from Obama so that he may have deniability–to lie about the oh so disastrous effects of the sequestration cuts. Unfortunately for Janet, travel officials aren’t quite as stupid as she had hoped, reporting no abnormal delays.

This may mark a turning point in the fight against Obama’s lies, and fear mongering. A lie is only as strong as the person telling it; and this lie fell apart rather quickly. It seems that Obama and his minions may be losing the strength they once had in spades.