James Woods on Liberal Hatred Over “Thoughts and Prayers”: Okay to #PrayforParis, not San Bernardino

Not long after San Bernardino shooting, social media was ablaze with people mocking Christians and GOP candidates for saying that they offer their “thoughts and prayers” to the victims and their families. A Huff Post headline read:  “Another Mass Shooting, Another Deluge Of Tweeted Prayers… Seems to have been an ineffective strategy so far.”

Here are examples of tweets from angry, self-righteous liberals:

Matthew Yglesias:  “Other countries must have fewer mass shootings because their conservative politicians offer thoughts and prayers more vigorously.”

Igor Volsky:  “My thoughts and prayers are with lawmakers actually passing gun reform in my lifetime.”

David Waldman:  “I want to send my thoughts and prayers to San Bernardino, but I forget at which previous mass shooting I left them last.”

Andrew Husband:  “If you’re a political candidate tweeting about all the thoughts and prayers you have for San Bernardino, you can go f*ck yourself… Basically, if all you have to offer San Bernardino are your thoughts and prayers, you can go f*ck yourself.”

It’s weird. I don’t remember any angry, self-righteous liberals making these sorts of comments about the Paris shooting that left 130 or so people dead.

James Woods pointed out the inconsistency. He tweeted:

“Blatant HYPOCRISY in NY Daily News proves once again why American journalism is dead. Okay to #PrayForParis, not USA.”

The New York Daily News had on their front page this headline:  “GOD ISN’T FIXING THIS.”

Ironically, one news report showed that a text message received by a San Bernardino victim’s family member read, “Pray for us.” I wonder what these angry, self-righteous liberals would tell those victims about what they really think of prayer. “Ha! You want us to pray for you? To what, the mythical sky god? You know what? You can just go **** yourself!” Such loving and consistent people those liberals are.