From Jackie O. to Michelle O.: A Loss of Dignity

Despite, or perhaps even because of, President John F. Kennedy’s licentiousness and debauchery, he is a hero of the left. This is also despite, and not because of, his political policies that rival those of modern-day Republicans. But Democrats can keep him, as far as I’m concerned.

This serial philanderer’s assassination 50 years ago tomorrow also plays a significant part in his idolization by the left. He became a legendary martyr. What’s more romantic than a handsome man, relatively young, with sad blue eyes, sandy hair, and a tan suited for the scalp of a yachting enthusiast, in an extramarital relationship with Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood’s most famous sex symbol, and who, at the height of his political career, towering above all else in the country, is in the midst of an adoring crowd, being cheered wildly, when, from the sixth-floor window of a nearby building, a bullet is shot and rips through his skull, killing him instantly—his wife, beside him, now beside herself in hysteria? Nothing, I tell you. And the left loves romanticism of this type.

Let’s talk about that wife of his I mentioned. Jacqueline, or Jackie, Kennedy Onassis. Contrary to popular myth, she was not a pretty woman. Still, she was not undignified or classless. She was photographed often, sure, but she was unobtrusive. She largely accepted the role of First Lady as the role it ought to be: a housewife. No more, no less. A First Lady ought not to be advocating for this program or that program or pushing legislation through Congress; First Ladies are not elected, so they should remain detached from public policy.

President Barack Obama was elected only a few years older than JFK was when he took office in 1961. Obama’s youth was used as a selling point, romanticized, for his 2008 election. “He’s like John F. Kennedy!” said the unbiased political pundits. “Oh, and his wife is so elegant, so classy, just like Jackie Onassis!”

But not really. Obama’s and Kennedy’s similarities do not extend beyond age; they especially do not extend over to their respective wives’ classiness.

Monday, Michelle Obama was on 106 & Park, a rap/talk show on Black Entertainment Television. Mrs. Obama’s blackness—she is black, you may have heard—means, I suppose, that no matter what status she has as First Lady of the United States, she must still degrade that position by going on BET, the same network that spreads filth like Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, and…well, all of those people. All of them. And now Michelle Obama, apparently.

What is going on in her mind? “Hey, just because I’m the First Lady doesn’t mean I can’t do my part to endorse gang-romanticizing music by appearing on gang-romanticizing TV networks. I’m black first, dignified second.”

To be fair, she wasn’t on the show to talk about music, but to talk about her personal life. Which makes sense, considering, one, it’s a talk show, and two, it’s what the audience, including its two white people, wanted to hear. They’re black too, after all, just like Michelle; the running attitude among them is that they’re all brothas and sistas.

The 50th anniversary of JFK’s murder is here. The juxtaposition of the classy Jackie Kennedy with the First Lady of BET, Michelle Obama, is something to behold.