It’s Time for Liberal Nonsense Roundup!

It’s time for Nonsense Roundup! This is a weekly (maybe) column in which I round up some of the most inane and insane liberal/PC nonsense going on at the moment, and brutally disparage it. A wise man once said that the only way to respond to ridiculousness is with even more ridiculousness–and I’m going to follow that lead.

Item #1: Feminism!

Zoe Stavri, a blogger who describes herself as “Anarchist. Feminist. Queer.” and tweets under the name “Another Angry Woman,” made headlines this week for doing something unsightly Jezebelian feminists have nearly perfected: Being intentionally gross, then complaining about the patriarchy or (insert buzzword) when called out on being intentionally gross.

Because ISIS isn’t bad enough, Stavri decided to bake some bread using the yeast from her vaginal thrush, and tweet about it. For the uninitiated, “thrush” is a yeast infection.

In response to the backlash on social media, Stavri posted a response on her blog in which she suggests all the hate is because of “socially-constructed disgust,” and “structural bullsh*t.”

Or maybe it’s because it’s gross. The world may never know!

Item #2: Free Speech is so Yesterday!

A new Pew Research survey was released, and it’s not good for the First Amendment.

According to Breitbart:

“When asked whether the government should intervene if citizens say something that might be considered offensive to minorities, 40% of millennials agreed.”

So, a “feminist” can freely tweet pictures of her thrush-bread, but racially insensitive speech should be prohibited? Look, I’m no fan of racists, but the First Amendment was created to protect speech that may be considered offensive.

Is it too much to suggest a Hunger Games-style competition to thin the millennial heard? Just by like 40% or so. I’d even acquiesce to any PC demands. The weapons could be hand-made by indigenous peoples; the tributes’ costumes wouldn’t appropriate any cultures; and the arena could be Chicago–it’s practically District 12 as is.

Item #3: So…Gender isn’t a Thing Anymore, Right?

According to multiple outlets, a group of five northern Cali girls are crying “DISCRIMINATION!” because they want to join the Boy Scouts….and they’re girls. The California girls say Girl Scouts is boring.

In a disturbing and insensitive email to reporters, the national Boy Scouts organization said:

“We understand that the values and the lessons of scouting are attractive to the entire family. However, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts are year-round programs for boys and young men.”

What?! Boy Scouts can only be boys? Oh yeah, it’s in the name. Hmm. Maybe if the girls become boys, they’ll be accepted because trans-bathrooms and stuff.

I guess this is the final blow for gender…anything. I mean, what is gender anyway? Amiright? It’s just a genetically predetermined thing that allows for our species to survive. It’s not important.

Frankly, I’m surprised it wasn’t a boy wanting to join the Girl Scouts. Boys being girls is totally in right now. I’d join up if it meant I got to be close to those cookies…now I want cookies.