It’s Not The Guns, You Liberal Morons; It’s The Gangs

It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that gang related crime, violence and murder is on a well-financed rise in our nation. If you are wondering why American cities like Chicago are experiencing uncontrollable increases in murders and crimes involving guns look no further than liberal Democrat’s failed socio-economic policies and the associated growth of street gang membership.  For decades, Democrats wrapped in civil rights banners have paved the way for the growth of violent crime in American cities and the very real trend of its expansion into quite rural communities.

Consider this:

The United States Armed Forces is comprised of 1.4-1.5 million active duty men and women and close to 900 thousand reservists supporting 5 different branches of our military. According to government data (which always understates its failures) the active Gang population in the United States is estimated at over 1 million members supporting the criminal activities of over 30,000 individual street gangs. Over 80% of the gang population in America is made up of minorities with Hispanics/Latinos accounting for over half of the loyal gang membership operating on our streets and in our prisons. The United States—by government estimates—now has a gang population that very soon will equal the size of our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard non-civilian personnel.

According to law enforcement experts the greatest social influences fueling the growth of U.S. gang membership are poverty and lack of solid economic opportunity. Even with record entitlement and welfare spending and trillions of dollars in economic stimulus, today within our nation more families are living in poverty than at any other time since the Depression. Depending on whom you believe Blacks and Hispanics are disproportionately affected by U.S. poverty with Hispanics populations living in poverty at 38-42% and Blacks at 30-33%. Under reported unemployment among minorities is also at historic highs while national high school graduation rates and out of wedlock pregnancies are at abysmal levels. So after four years of a failing—Obama and liberal Democrat lead—economy it’s no wonder gang membership rates, gang violence and murders are soaring.

The second greatest influence in the growth of U.S. gang membership is the ever expanding illegal narcotics trafficking industry in America. Although President Obama and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano claim to have solved our porous border security issues somehow Mexican Drug cartels manage to smuggle record breaking volumes of narcotics over, under and through the U.S./Mexican border every day. These narcotics need to be sold to users and the preferred resource for cartels is street gangs.

Drug cartels love street gangs. Street gangs have a unique knowledge of the black market, local law and provide cartels with the required personnel to bring their illegal product to market. Street gangs love the drug cartels because they provide the product that allows street gangs to sustain their financial health, buy guns, and expand their operations, criminal territories and membership.

Every state across our nation and every major city are under siege by Hispanic or Latin American gangs and their criminal enterprises. Enterprises financed by drug trafficking, human trafficking, prostitution, extortion, cartel directed and rewarded assassinations and the very lucrative fraudulent documents industry. Many State legislatures have passed one anti-gang law after another in an attempt to provide better tools to law enforcement and prosecutors in their fight to curb violent crime. All over our country cops are pleading with the federal government to take some rational steps to reign in further escalation and spread of violent gang activity and each and every time federal anti-gang legislation is proposed liberal Democrats paint it as the white man’s tool to unfairly target minorities.

To liberals, Federal anti-gang legislation gives federal and local law enforcement too much power to interfere with free association within minority communities and will create the often vilified use of racial profiling. Here is a news flash for the Congressional Black Caucus, the National Council of La Raza and the ACLU: Any effective federal anti-gang legislation will require targeting minorities since they represent over 4 out of 5 gang members. Unless reasonable Americans begin to counter the race card playing liberal mindset of our so called ethnic civil rights advocates, gang’s organized crimes and terrorism are coming to a neighborhood near you.

Liberals failed economic policies, toleration of illegal immigration, lax border security and overzealous vilification of law enforcements attempts to target certain ethnic groups responsible for the growth of gang violence and inner city murder rates are directly responsible for what could be argued is an epidemic growth of domestic terror groups (street gangs) that use criminal activity to finance their violent operations. Why is our government discussing immigration reform and gun control when the real cause of the growth of violent crime is the growth of organized crime in America? Minority communities all over our nation are overrun with street gangs being financed and armed by Central and South American drug cartels and we are afraid of racial profiling and rights of criminals to freely associate?

Last year street gang related violence killed more Americans on U.S. soil than all the Lanzas, Loughners and Al Qaeda psychos did collectively. The U.S government needs to wake up and officially label these street gangs—as well as their buddies in the narco-trafficking cartels—as known terrorist groups and put the full force of the patriot act to bear in dismantling and destroying these violent group’s activities in America and the countries that they call home. If the federal government fails to act on the U.S. gang problem that their liberal failures have created, bullets will eventually be flying all over our quiet suburban communities and more children will die.

It’s not the guns you morons, it’s the gangs.