It’s Not The Black Helicopters, Mr. VP; It’s Dangerous Liars Like You!

For months the Obama White House has been dishonestly selling national gun regulation as a necessary step to controlling escalating gun violence plaguing American cities like Chicago. Now Vice President Joe Biden, a national embarrassment, is busy dismissing legitimate claims of unconstitutional government overreach as another paranoid delusion of white American gun owners who fear “Black Helicopters.” According to Biden, only the crazies would fear well intentioned and honorable federal authorities trampling on gun and privacy rights by requiring gun registration.

As per V.P. Biden, liberals just want to protect U.S. citizens from the bad guys, and their first step requires the federal government knowing where the good guys keep legal firearms. Hence, the Obama Administration is busy vilifying white American gun ownership for the deaths of black children caught in the middle of inner city gang violence. Like everything else in America, the Obama administration is beginning to frame the gun control debate as a minority versus white issue. It is hard to believe that anyone, even a poor black liberal Democrat living in Chicago would buy this line of manure, but who can blame them when the national press no longer reports anything resembling the truth on American airwaves.

Gun regulation and registry will not cure the growth of violent gun crime in U.S. cities. Much like U.S. border town residents, Chicago’s black population is under siege by illegal immigration and an explosion of Hispanic gang violence. Oddly, for some reason, this truth is being neglected by the local and national press. Recent reports claim that both Mexican and American journalists will no longer report on out of control Mexican cartel activities in the U.S. for fear of cartel retaliation.

Would it surprise you to know that the majority of gun related murders in Chicago are committed by Hispanics gang members and not blacks? Would it cause America to pause and rethink our newly found compassion for loosening immigration standards if they knew that many of these Hispanic gangs have taken over the drug dealing, human trafficking, and organized crime syndicates of most major cities in America?

Chicago, Illinois now has a larger Hispanic gang problem then the City of Los Angeles. Chicago serves as a main distribution hub for Mexican cartel drug trafficking to Northern U.S. cities. It has been estimated that over 100,000 Hispanic gang members are terrorizing urban Chicago neighborhoods and rival black street gangs are fighting each other for control of shrinking inner city territories. Blacks killing blacks is now good business for Hispanic gangs, after all, Hispanics historically view African Americans as a worthless and lazy race and would rather see them exterminated.

If I were an African American living in Chicago, I would be scared to death of the Obama/Biden government ideology. Not the “black helicopters”, but the type of government ideology that purchased decades of minority subjugation and willing compliance with empty liberal promises like EBT cards, government paid rent, free healthcare, and free abortion—hundreds of thousands of black babies murdered annually—all to buy support for a Democrat controlled government. The type of liberal government ideology that has led to irresponsible immigration policy that allows violent Hispanic gangs financed by wealthy Mexican Drug cartels—with confirmed ties to the current Mexican government—to operate and murder with impunity while our federal government attempts to regulate and register legal U.S. firearms purchases and ownership.

Our government’s immigration policies have transformed Chicago and many other major cities in America into war zones. Many U.S. cities are beginning to resemble the easily forgotten U.S. southern border communities the DHS falsely claims are safe. Places now owned by Mexican drug cartels and their violent gang allies. Towns and cities were local government and law enforcement have become powerless to control escalating violence perpetrated by Mexican drug lords and have now grown to accept drug money’s influence in local elections, government policies and their fragile economies. Economies that have grown out of and are now addicted to the illegal Mexican drug trade much in the same way America is addicted to cheap illegal immigrant labor.

The U.S. press is once again failing to reveal the truth about the well orchestrated Mexican drug cartel/Mexican government offensive that is taking place in America. Most Americans haven’t a clue about FBI investigations documenting the growing number of unsolved rapes, kidnappings and ritualistic murders—all over America—credited to Mexican drug cartel’s and Hispanic gang’s North American activities. For my libertarian friends who think marijuana legalization and immigration reform will correct this mess, I would recommend you Google: Santa Muerte and/or Satanism and the Mexican Drug Cartel. Today’s Hispanic crime organizations make the Columbian drug cartels of the 80’s look like choir boys and they already own a respectable number of U.S. politicians.

Our nation is involved in a national debate grounded in liberal lies; lies being spread by Joe Biden, an Obama lackey, drunk on his own power and beholden to his testosterone fueled ego. It remains unclear whether or not inner city blacks and their leaders will continue to support Obama administration gun violence lies and calls for immigration reform while Hispanic gang violence squeezes the life from their communities. If I were an inner city black voice, I would be calling for immigration enforcement before my race is exterminated by drug peddlers and the policies of Democrat politicians like “Black Helicopter” Joe Biden.