It’s Not Just Government Spending; It’s Stupid Government Spending!

As our nation moves closer to inauguration day and the obscene party that will take place to commemorate the 2nd coronation of Barrack Hussein Obama, I wonder when it will all come to a screeching halt. I wonder what future event will shake our Republic so hard that the people just say enough is enough and stop contributing to the irresponsible bureaucracies that are stealing our future. You know, like a tax revolt or something?

Deficits, Debt, Debt ceilings, paying our bills, billion dollar Presidential campaigns, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, department after department, GSE after GSE, our governments so called top notch management and its massive army of employees is failing. The numbers don’t lie. Any organization that fails to respect revenue, costs, and a budget will eventually become addicted to waste, fraud, and abuse—and collapse becomes inevitable.

While the lawyers running our government argue over legislating how much Americans must contribute to, borrow for and spend to maintain the cesspool of corruption that is the Federal government, I don’t hear much talk about reducing government operating costs and waste. With millions of employees and hundreds of departments you would think they could streamline some stuff and find a little money to contribute to the unprecedented and stupid spending decisions they are making. I mean does America really need P.S.A.’s and billboard campaigns?

Inspector general David Williams was recently reported to have warned that the U.S. Postal Service will require a bailout or it will cease to exist. Somehow the mail carriers of America have managed to lose around $41 billion dollars over the last five years. Year after year, the USPS has had to borrow money from the U.S. Treasury to service its pension obligations, yet they found $41 million to sponsor a world class bicycle team for Lance Armstrong. Two wars being fought on two fronts and the American taxpayer paid a guy for ten years to ride a bike up and down some fancy hills? I guess it was important for the morale of America. Too bad the guy had to cheat to win.

Somehow “we the people” continue to buy the reshaped and re-marketed arguments of our failing leaders. The real problem is that our government costs too much. Government employees make too much money, receive over the top benefits and pensions and don’t give a rat’s rear end about efficiency.  If they had been forced to accept wage and benefits decreases to pay for TARP and the Stimulus Plans, I guarantee the money wouldn’t have left America or been invested in losers like Solyndra.

Every day I see taxpayer subsidized vehicles siting in the driveways of private homes and federal Road construction projects that are manned by more sign holders than ditch diggers. When did it become a moral imperative to pay a three hundred pound minority woman prevailing wage to hold a sign telling drivers to slow down? We don’t need more legislation to solve our fiscal problems. We need less “stupid” government spending. We need to repeal laws that guarantee cost overruns. Our government needs to stop burning the money they are confiscating from productive Americans.

Perhaps our government should consider mandating civic duty work requirements for those receiving long term unemployment? Maybe welfare recipients should be required to perform some kind of community service in exchange for the taxpayer subsidizing their life?  I don’t know?

I’m just reaching the end of my rope with stupid government spending. To think that the Postal Service is now going to be bailed out and my share of the national debt is going to go up, because the people in charge couldn’t figure out a way to get 500,000 employees to deliver mail more efficiently. Yet once a week, I have to deliver my neighbors mail because our mail carrier still doesn’t know who lives in which house. Stupid, just stupid.