It’s Been Fun, Donald, But It’s Time to Let a Real Conservative Take The Stage

Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Cult of personality gave us Barack Obama. The Senator who would be king came on the scene in 2007, and took the reins right out of Hillary Clinton’s claws. He had charm, and he spoke in lovely little platitudes, espousing hope, change, transparency, and accountability. Obama’s candidacy couldn’t have been more perfectly engineered—and his acolytes reflected that.

Obama voters talked about the Senator as if he were the answer to an unfulfilled prophecy. They could not be persuaded by facts or reason because they were blinded to them. They were unreachable.

This perfect storm of personality, platitudes, and frustration with the previous administration gave us a two-term con. Unfortunately, six and a half years of simmering anger has driven Republican voters right into the arms of their very own Obama: Donald Trump.

Cue the Trump-bots jumping to the comments section to send their poorly written and empty opinions into the void. I’d encourage you to read the comments section of any article pointing out any of Trump’s flaws. I guarantee you’ll find hundreds of angry rants—usually a grammatical nightmare—making arguments that wouldn’t hold water on a preschool playground.

What we’re witnessing is a phenomenon unintentionally built by Washington. Barack Obama’s tornado of a presidency combined with the extraordinary corruption of the Republican Party has acted as a catalyst for Donald Trump’s popularity.

Americans are so disaffected by the political class that they’re clinging to anyone who is an outsider. It just so happens that the outsider with the loudest voice, highest name recognition, and boldest talking points is Donald Trump.

I very much appreciate what Trump brings to the table. He has brought to the fore issues which would have otherwise gone unnoticed, he speaks in an un-sanitized manner that resonates with Americans who are sick of politician-speak, and he’s completely unafraid of the media. These are all admirable qualities. However, he’s also a thin-skinned, egomaniacal, political dunce.

Here’s where the distinction is made.

I admire Trump’s boldness, and I’m glad he’s had such an impact on the political world. He’s completely disrupted Washington—which is the best thing anyone could have done, given how deeply corrupt it’s become. However, I firmly believe he’s not fit to be president.

These beliefs are not mutually exclusive. One can see the good in Trump, but also see that he’s not the right man for the job. We need someone who possesses Trump’s boldness, but also has a solid conservative track record. In addition, we need someone who can properly articulate the message of conservatism to the American people.

The average voter is frighteningly ignorant, and to overcome that ignorance, we need a candidate who is pitch perfect. The only political outsider who fits the necessary criteria is Ted Cruz.

Elected in 2012 through a grassroots revolution, Cruz has repeatedly kicked the hornet’s nest–even burning his own party–all in an effort to keep the promises he made to his constituents. Ted Cruz is more than bluster, he’s more than an ego, he’s more than talking points, and he’s more than a promise. Ted Cruz is an actual outsider, a disruptive force whose intelligence and articulacy are what we need to bring conservatism back from the grave.

Do we really want Donald Trump as our nominee? Do we want him on a stage debating whatever socialist ends up being the Democratic candidate? I certainly don’t.

Thanks, Trump. I appreciate what you’ve done, but it’s time to go.