It Was a Good Thing This Texan Wasn’t Walking Around in a Gun-Free Zone

If this Texas man were walking around in a “gun-free” state like New York, he could have been killed. At least one of the two robbers who had confronted him was armed and had threatened the innocent man. If he had been killed, liberals would have politicized it as Obama said we should always do with shootings. The murder would have been politicized for the gun control cause. It would have been used to show that there are too many guns out there, that they’re too easy to obtain, and that we need to “do something” about gun violence. Conservatives would have replied that if it had not been a gun-free zone, and the victim had been allowed to carry a self-defense weapon, he could have used it to protect himself, and he’d likely still be alive today. Liberals would insist that owning a gun is dangerous and is no guarantee of protection.

In reality, the man who was pursued was armed, and when he was threatened by these two criminals, he pulled out his own gun and shot both of them, killing one and injuring the other. ABC13 reported:

One person is dead and another is injured after they allegedly attempted to rob a man carrying a concealed handgun early this morning.

The suspects approached the man with a gun as he was walking on the 600 block Cypress Station Drive around 1am.

That’s when deputies say the man surprised the would-be robbers by pulling his own handgun. He fired the gun at both suspects, killing one of them.

“The shots sounded like they were fired by somebody who knew what they were doing; very distinct and deliberate,” said Marcel Smith, who lives just feet away from where the shooting took place. He added, “From my balcony, I could hear the deputies and the robbery victim talking about it all.”

The second robbery suspect was found injured a short time later. He was transported to the hospital.

So far no arrests have been made, and the Harris County Sheriffs Office has not said whether or not the shooting is justified.

Liberals don’t like these stories. Gun self-defense incidents don’t help their cause at all. The only types of stories liberals like are those they can politicize. It just so happens that the incidents they can easily politicize are tragedies that take place in gun-free zones. That’s the best they can come up with, and I would argue those don’t help their cause at all either.