It Takes a Minority to Raise Awareness

Thanks to The Drudge Report and conservative talk radio outlets, most of us are aware that Univision “broke” shocking news about the “Fast and Furious” scandal. A large segment of the nation had never heard that news before. In light of the upcoming election and the ongoing Benghazi debacle, “Fast and Furious” has taken a back seat.  Because the presidential election is almost upon us, however, it shouldn’t. Scandals, domestic and international, that would have rocked the nation and obliterated the political career of any other president are all but blackballed by our own media. The question is why?

Univision gave us hard-hitting interviews with the president on “Fast and Furious”.  The only interviews, in fact.  Univision is a Spanish language television network.  It has the largest, Spanish speaking television audience (according to Nielson) in the country.  Univision’s interviewer put some very hard questions to the president about Eric Holder and “Fast and Furious.” The interviewer firmly held the president accountable for the “Fast and Furious” catastrophe despite the customary evasions, blame-shifting, question deflection, and outright lies.

Univision followed up with another uncompromising story: Previously unaccounted-for weapons from the “Fast and Furious” program (over 90 assault weapons were uncovered) were put in the hands of Mexican cartel members.  These weapons were used in several kidnappings and murders.  In this particular instance, Mexican cartel thugs staked out Mexican teenagers at a party and proceeded to massacre them as well as some bystanders.  The same report refers to at least one other massacre having been carried out by the same weapons. These stories were researched entirely by Univision, receiving no help from our current administration. Follow-up for this story from American, English-speaking outlets?  Cue crickets chirping.  Why does it matter that the story was released by a minority source? In this case, it almost doesn’t matter.  Almost.

Univision serves a large segment of the population that the current administration is romancing for their votes, the Hispanic population.  But it’s difficult to wine and dine someone convincingly while a steak knife is being held to their throat.   So, perhaps, the Hispanic vote may not be a mortal lock for the president.  Just today The Daily Caller reports that Governor Romney is leading the president among Florida’s Hispanics, 49%-46%.  That information is found nowhere else.

So, the question remains, why is it up to a minority news outlet to break news that vets the incumbent president’s programs? If the crowd that still has its head in the sand about media bias is paying attention, the “Fast and Furious” story should be a wake-up call.   It matters that a news outlet, catering to a minority audience, broke the story.  The “mainstream media” isn’t performing its job. America’s main-stream media is entrenched in the president’s pocket. When a former Democrat pollster, Pat Caddell (who used to work for the Jimmy Carter campaign), recently addressed the Accuracy in Media conference and declared “the media have become an enemy of the American people,” one would have to stretch like Elastic Lad to try to deny media’s destructive influence.  At the eleventh hour, with a presidential election pending, mainstream media silence about news that is damaging to the president becomes more than an exercise in frustration.

This regime has become successful in compartmentalizing the American public.  This is why it is significant that Univision broke this news. Tremendous credit is due to Univision for reporting on “Fast and Furious.” It is impossible for this administration to refute news from this source.  Why?  Because this report is the product of a minority outlet and this regime is, shamefully, all about courting minorities.

The Hispanic population, after all, was largely victimized by the “Fast and Furious” debacle. But what about stories that are not “broken” by protected sources—stories that do not predominantly involve one minority? Today, for example, Reuters released information that the White House did, indeed, know within two hours that the diplomatic mission in Benghazi was under attack. This is monumental.  Both the president and vice president are on record, lying outright about this. How long will it take for this news to become important? As important, say, as Gloria Allred’s desperate mining for dirt, any dirt, on Governor Romney? This is news that should affect every American.

What does it matter where the “Fast and Furious” story broke? The story was out there, right? It has, unfortunately, come to matter a great deal.  It matters because our own “mainstream media” doesn’t have credibility.  If the only way a news story can be believed is to be put out for public dissemination through a Balkanized source, this nation is in worse trouble than we thought.

The president actively seeks to divide the population of America. He largely succeeds. The mainstream media hands him the axe with which to do it. The big lie, that the president is a “unifying force,” is worth noting. It is a myth that media lap-dogs are instrumental in advancing. The “mainstream media” is the primary tool this regime uses to deconstruct the American population. They divide. They indoctrinate. They conceal or fabricate.

America is called “a melting pot”. It’s what makes this country great.  The stew in that pot isn’t nearly as fine when the ingredients are separated.