Islam loves American Prisons

When it comes to spreading the message of Islam, America’s imprisoned are proving to be Jihad’s most fertile ground. For decades Muslim outreach has gained a firm grip on the most disenfranchised of our Nation. Islamic practitioners are selling redemption through conversion to desperate and impressionable Black, Hispanic and women inmates in American prisons at alarming rates.

U.S prison populations present an easy target of opportunity for Islamic radicalization of America. Prison life is not easy and the old adage “safety in numbers” is motivating many of the incarcerated to turn to the protections and rehabilitative message preached by Wahhabi-trained Imams. Some studies suggest that as much as 20% of the U.S. prison population is turning to Islam.

Inmates are an ideal candidate for Islamic conversion. Al-Qaeda training manuals discovered in Europe encourage the recruitment of prisoners and recommend playing on the inmate’s anger and frustration with the non-Islamic society. Imams are counseling prisoners to accept the teachings of Islam and the rehabilitative cleansing it can provide. With Islamic conversion the prisoner is freed of his transgressions and finds a new self.

Not a bad idea unless you consider that many of the Imams preaching Islam in American prisons are funded by groups with distant yet confirmable ties to terrorist organizations. The disciplines being taught to American prison populations by Muslim believers are less concerned with western rehabilitation and values and more focused on the radicalization of future free Americans. Muslim prison ministries are turning their converts away from American principles and substituting a culture of disdain for the American values and laws. Once released from prison many of these American Muslim converts return to society with a new found religion that preaches Jihad against western society.

Christian prison ministries are struggling to compete with Islamic recruitment and Islam is the fastest growing religion in American jails today. At present “The Nation of Islam (NOI)” is the largest and best equipped prison ministry in the United States. The NOI regards Christianity as a white man’s religion that has failed the African American inmate while Islam provides a more desirable moral system for disenfranchised blacks. It some cases the teachings of Islam in prisons has produced dangerous outcomes for America.

Richard Reid the “shoe bomber” converted to Islam while in a British prison. Jose Padilla, a former incarcerated Chicago gang member turned al-Qaeda operative was allegedly recruited to perform acts of terror against America. These are just two examples of the outcomes of Islamic conversion taking place in prisons. Oversight of Islamic prison ministries is lacking in American jails and Muslim Imams are becoming very productive in their efforts to turn our prison population against our society.

Entire communities of former prisoners are popping up in the United States; the most well-known being Islamberg in New York. At the foot of the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York lies a 70 acre Muslim compound called Islamberg. For almost two decades Islamberg and its occupants went un-noticed by the world. After 911, concerns began to grow over the compounds proximity to a huge reservoir system that provides New York City with most of its drinking water. Today newly released prisoners who have found Islam are seeking refuge at Islamberg.  It has been reported that nineteen other communities for former inmates that have converted to Islam have sprung up as refuges for the Islam’s prison converts.

With millions of imprisoned Americans to choose from, Islam is growing in numbers in a most secretive fashion. American’s should take notice. These prison ministries are not relegated to the high walls and fences of varying state corrections facilities. They are taking hold in many communities and cities across our country. They are recruiting disadvantaged and demoralized Americans and at some point we will all have to deal with another home grown terrorist rehabilitated by our Sharia-loving enemies.