Islam for Dummies Helps Novices Become ISIS Terrorists

The entire world seems shocked that the ISIS terrorist that appeared on the video with American journalist James Foley before his beheading has been identified as being British. After all, how could anyone from such a civilized and respectable country turn into a blood thirsty Islamic terrorist and murderer?

Take twenty year old Nasser Muthanna for example. Living in Great Britain, the brilliant young man had plans on becoming a doctor. Today, he is going by the name of Abu Muthanna al-Yemeni and has joined ISIS in Syria along with hundreds of other British and Americans.


It’s because they are being actively recruited by ISIS. They are fed lies and propaganda and given promises of glory to join the terrorist cause. Shiraz Maher, an analyst with the International Center for the Study of Radicalization reported:

“It was a shocking thing to see but it wasn’t surprising. If you look at British fighters in Syria over the last year, we’ve seen them operate as suicide bombers. We’ve seen them execute prisoners of war. They are participating in most of the brutal acts out there.”

“They’ve disengaged from British society, they’ve disengaged from British values, they’ve bought into something else — a different identity.”

YouTube videos have shown ISIS militants burning their passports and renouncing their home countries. On one of the videos, the man said:

“This is a message for to Canada and all the American power-elite, we are coming and we will destroy you.”

“We are coming for you, Barack Obama!”

From what I see you shouldn’t be surprised that so many British and Americans are joining ISIS, the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Muslims have been flooding into both countries over the past couple of decades. Friends of mine in Great Britain have told me how Muslims have moved in and taken over entire communities and towns. They’ve taken over the stores and most businesses, the local government and even Christian churches have been converted to mosques.

The same thing is happening in the United States. Muslims have already taken over Dearborn, Michigan and are well on the way to doing the same with Murfreesboro, Tennessee. In Dearborn, Christians have been persecuted for trying to talk to people on the streets. The public high school holds a girls only prom just to cater to the Muslims.

But the effects of western culture have weakened the faith of many Muslims who then become easy prey for extremist recruiters. In some cases their faith is so weak that they have ordered copies of Islam for Dummies off of Amazon before heading off to join the terrorist causes.

Yesterday on the news, FBI Director James Comey said that they are having problems tracking Americans getting involved with ISIS, explaining:

“They don’t come from a particular geographic area in the United States. They aren’t of a particular ethnic extraction, particular age. It’s a very diverse group of people.”

It seems ISIS and other extremists are recruiting both die hard devout Muslims and marginal Muslims. It’s hard for us to fully comprehend what the lure is that can take a prosperous young man with a promising career to throw it all away for the hard life of a terrorist and probable death. Maybe they’re all reading Islam for Dummies, who knows.

The only thing that can be certain is that more and more American and British citizens are joining the ranks of ISIS with the promise of bringing their holy war to America, Great Britain and Canada. With our southern border wide open and knowing that ISIS is already talking to Mexican drug cartels, it won’t be long before we start seeing their attacks here. You would think that with the threats ISIS has made that Obama would start taking measures to secure the border to protect Americans from certain attacks. You have to wonder how many innocent Americans will have to die before Obama takes action to protect us here at home?