ISIS Suicide Bomber Blows Up Early… Twice!

Videos like this probably shouldn’t make me feel as good as they do. But it’s not the death that brings me any pleasure, it’s the justice of what happens. These terrorists are on their way to bring violence, mayhem and sadness to innocent families who’ve done nothing to deserve the pain that the Muslim extremists want to inflict… but instead of delivering their evil payload to its intended target… these violent evildoers end up meeting their maker instead.


Kurdish forces recently released a video which shows an apparent unforeseen explosion launching a vehicle-borne bomber into the air like some kind of jihadi firework. Just as whatever’s left of him hits the peak and begins to descend, the payload he intended to deliver (presumably) also exploded.

Mark Piggot of the International Business Times surmised that the car’s explosion was likely ”due to an IED which detonated beneath the vehicle as it approached its intended target.”

Kurdish Peshmerga forces have produced a number of videos documenting failed attacks by Islamic State militants as part of a concerted anti-extremism media campaign.