ISIS Just Released a Video of a Child Executing a so-called Israeli “Spy”

It’s as if the monsters at ISIS are constantly looking for new and disgusting ways to shock the world. The latest edition has them releasing a video that shows a young child brutally murdering a man that ISIS tells us was an Israeli spy. It is inhuman, monstrous and disgusting and we won’t show it to you here, but you need to know what is happening…


The Islamic State released a video Tuesday of a child executing an alleged Israeli spy who had infiltrated the terrorist organization’s ranks.

A French-speaking fighter describes the boy as one of the “cubs of the caliphate,” a term the Islamic State has used to refer to boys who train to fight jihad under its direction.

The video shows a purported confession on the part of Muhammad Musallam, a 19-year-old from East Jerusalem who joined the Islamic State in Syria three months ago, according to Haaretz.




Speaking in the video, Musallam says he became a Mossad agent and was sent to gain intelligence on the Islamic State in Syria. He was detained shortly after joining the group and confessed to being a spy.

Then the video transitions to Musallam being taken to a field and summarily executed by the boy with a shot to the head and then three more shots.




The English-language, Islamic State magazine Dabiq contained an interview with Musallam last month.

The Islamic State previously released a video of a child executing two alleged Russian spies in January.