ISIS Beheads American Journalist James Foley in Syria

ISIS, the militant terrorist organization that is currently wreaking havoc in Syria and Iraq, is claiming that they have executed James Foley, an American journalist.

ISIS released a video that appeared to show Foley kneeling beside an ISIS militant. The video then shows President Obama announcing an airstrike campaign against ISIS. When the video comes back to Foley and his executioner, it shows Foley reciting a message to America, after which the killer begins to saw Foley’s neck with a knife. The end of the video shows Foley’s head, detached and lying on his body.

They are apparently threatening to kill another captured reporter, Steven Sotloff, in retaliation for American airstrikes on ISIS forces in Iraq.

Michael van Poppel, President of BNO News, sent out a string of tweets describing what was in the ISIS video.

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Fellow freelance journalist Jeb Boone implored the Twitterverse to stay away from the ISIS video.

The Eagle Rising family sends our condolences to the family, friends and loved ones of James Foley – we hurt with you and we will be praying for you. We are also praying for Steven Sotloff and fervently hope that the leaders of ISIS will reconsider their plans to kill him as well.

This is just more proof that we must stand up forcefully against the evil that is ISIS.