IRS Gone Wild

Has the IRS gone wild? Did you notice a few days ago when the media began reporting that the IRS had been targeting progressive groups for extra scrutiny as well as conservative groups? Well it turns out that that story is not completely accurate. About a week ago the acting IRS chief, a gentleman by the name of Daniel Werfel, reported to Congress that the IRS targeting of conservative organizations filing for tax-exempt status was much broader than originally reported.

Democrats and the media took the story up right away, and a few days later when an early report on the IRS scandal was released, it mentioned that some liberal groups may have been targeted as well. Apparently some liberal code words were also listed on Be On the Lookout (BOLO) lists – words like “progressive”,  “occupy” and “medical marijuana”.

For a day or two at least liberals were on cloud nine, hoping to burst a conservative myth. Here finally, was proof that the government had done no wrong and that they were acting in a fair manner, perhaps just a bit too zealous.

Well, that daydream is over now as the Inspector General let us know today. That initial IRS report is wrong; progressive groups faced no additional scrutiny. In fact, some progressive code words were listed on the BOLO’s along with conservative code words like “tea party” but no progressive group faced the types of scrutiny that conservative groups did.

Now the Democrats, leftist groups, the media and the IRS are teaming together to try and make it look like the IRS scandal is a Republican fairy tale. As the Hill reports the IG saying that there was no evidence liberal groups were targeted, they also mention that liberal groups are now saying they did have some IRS troubles! Amazing, over a month after the scandal breaks we have our first liberal groups speaking up? It sounds like a pretty fantastic story.

The truth of the matter is that while liberal watchwords were on the BOLO’s with conservative ones – liberal groups weren’t persecuted and conservative ones were.irs-party

Mr. Werfel was back in front of Congress yesterday:

“Werfel acknowledged that no evidence so far showed liberal groups faced the same kind of delays and questioning that some conservative groups faced.”

Liberals might have been flagged but they didn’t face the same scrutiny… how is that even possible? Dozens of agents were involved in these reviews! What we are being asked to believe is that this huge group of individuals took it upon themselves without organization (or direction) to persecute conservative groups.

Seriously, does this sound even remotely logical?

The IRS is drunk on its own power and is literally running wild (as the new scandals are showing); it’s time to end the farce that is the Internal Revenue Service.